• January 13, 2018



In the past, different men hurt you more times than you could count. They caused you emotional pain and left scars on your soul that cannot be removed. Some of them took you for granted, some of them only used you and took advantage of you and some of them abused you in different ways. And none of them appreciated you or loved you enough. And that was what hurt you the most.

But luckily for you, all of that is now a part of the past. And you’ve forgiven them for all the pain they caused you. You’ve forgiven them for all the emotional and physical wounds they caused you and for everything they did to you.

But there is one thing you can never forgive them for.

You can never forgive them for changing you. Each of these men changed the essence of your being and your personality.

When you were younger, you believed in love with all of your heart. You thought that love was always enough and you believed that you’d have your happy ending. And that is what got you this far. That is why you gave everything you had to all of these men, even though you weren’t getting anything in return. Because you always thought each of them was the right man for you. You thought each of them would give you the love you deserved.

Now, when you come to think of it, you realize how foolish you were. You thought that your kindness would at least be respected and appreciated. You thought that people would recognize the good in you and that they would value the fact that you gave them your best. Instead, most men in your life used your vulnerable side and used you for their own needs and to boost their ego.

So naturally, you’ve become scared of love. You’ve stopped believing in the strength of love and in its power. You’ve become a cynic who thinks that love is just a fairy tale and that it is an unreal concept only fools believe in.

And who could blame you for this after everything you’ve been through? Obviously, this is your defense mechanism and this was the only way for you to survive all the pain you’ve experienced.

I am here to tell you it’s OK that you are scared. But I also want to tell you that you shouldn’t feel like this.

Because true love is never scary. On the contrary, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. The truth is that you never experienced real love in the past and that is why you are scared of it. All of the things you’ve been through have nothing to do with love.

And that is something you’ll finally realize when you meet the right guy. This man will show you that there is nothing to be afraid of. He will show you that love is anything but scary.
Instead, he will make you understand that love is healing and more powerful than you ever thought it was.

He will heal all the wounds and scars from the past. He will appreciate everything you have to offer and he will never ask you to make sacrifices for him. This guy will never make you feel like you are less worthy and he will never make you question your value. He will never make you feel like you need to compete for his love and affection and he will never compare you with any other woman. Because he will only have eyes for you. For this man, you’ll be the most special and unique woman in the world. Actually, you will be the only woman in the world for him.

At first, you won’t believe him. You will think that he is just like all the others and that he will bring you another heartbreak. You’ll try to chase him away and you won’t trust a word he says. You will doubt his honesty and his intentions. You’ll do everything in your power to make him go away because you’ll be afraid of the intensity of emotions he will wake up in you.

But even that won’t push him away. Instead of walking away from you, that will bring him even closer. Because he will see right through your mask of a tough girl. He will see all your vulnerabilities and all the pain hidden behind your smile. But he won’t use them against you. Instead, it will make him appreciate you even more. Because he will see that you are someone who is ready to do whatever it takes for true love. He will see how passionate and caring you actually are. He will see a lost, scared, little girl you thought you’d managed to keep hidden from everyone around you. And he will fight for that little girl. He will tear down all the emotional walls you’ve been building for years. And he will enter your heart, bringing all the love and attention you need.

And once you finally put your guard down, once you finally let him in, you’ll see that having this man in your life was worth all the suffering you’ve been through. You’ll thank God you had all these wrong guys in your life because they helped you appreciate the right one. And suddenly, everything will fall into place.

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