• January 13, 2018

What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does At A Party


ENFP – Makes BEST FRIENDS FOREVER with everyone they talk to for five minutes.

INFP – Tells everyone at the party how much they love them and then drunk dials their ex and cries.

ISTJ – Stays mostly sober and low-key judges everyone else for acting like a drunken idiot.

ESFP – Table dances.

ENFJ – Frantically scans the room for anyone who looks lonely, then introduces him or her to every single person at the party.

INFJ – Reluctantly holds a counseling session in the bathroom with some drunk girl they don’t know.

ESFJ – Tells everyone else’s secrets.

ISFJ – Spends the evening holding back the hair of whichever of their friends starts puking first.

ISFP – Secretly hooks up with someone in the basement.

ESTP – Gets into a bar fight.

ISTP – Decides it would be fun to Unicycle on the roof and ends up in the hospital.

ESTJ – Makes boisterous, usually offensive jokes to anyone who’s willing to listen.

ENTJ – Networks the shit out of the party and wakes up with fourteen competitive job offers.

ENTP – Spurs a massive argument then leaves.

INTP – Smokes too much weed and wanders off from the party, accidentally ending up in the next town over.

INTJ – Takes scheduled hydration breaks in an attempt to reduce the impact of their inevitable morning-after hangover.

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