• January 13, 2018

This Is What People Rely On Her In A Relationship, A/c To Her Sign

Nobody wants to be used in a relationship. If you find yourself committed to someone who is completely dependent on you to the point where you can’t even focus on yourself anymore, most people would tell you to run as fast as you can. That said, there is a clear line between being used and being relied on for one special gift that only you can bring to the table.

Even the most selfish people out there can admit that at times, it’s nice to be needed. When somebody comes to you for something that only you can give, you feel kind of special, important and irreplaceable. That’s not to say that anybody’s purpose in life is to exclusively serve others and forget about themselves, but it helps you to feel good at the end of the day if you have made a positive difference to someone’s life. And that is all the more true if you’re in a relationship with that person.

People who love each other do rely on each other for different things, and they feel good with that arrangement because they know that someone has their back when they need it, but also that they’re valued and appreciated in the relationship. To find out what your partner relies on you for in your relationship, based on your Astrological sign, check out our list below!

20The Fire Signs Keep Things Fun And Spontaneous

Being with a fire sign is like signing up for endless fun and games. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius undoubtedly have the most energy of all the signs and have the largest appetite for excitement. These are the adventurers and explorers and the gals that like to leap before looking. Those who are with them rely on them to keep things fun when life feels a little boring, and to always provide a surprise in some form. Though fire signs can be challenging partners thanks to how strong their personalities are, they always keep their lovers completely occupied.

19Aries Is The Unofficial Leader Of The Couple

The partner of Aries can always rely upon her to be the leader of the couple. That’s not to say that she will mistreat her partner or take advantage of her power, but she will take care of things and make decisions so her partner doesn’t have to. She’s not bossy, but she is a boss. This isn’t the sort of sign who says “you choose” every time she’s asked where she wants to eat or what to do on date night. She is comfortable taking the lead, which usually takes stress off her partner. Of course, problems arise if her partner also wants to take the lead.

18Leo Can Always Be Counted Upon To Use Her Connections

Leo is a bit like the social queen in that she tends to know everyone, and everyone tends to know her. When it comes to a relationship, she forever calls in favors from the people she knows, for whom she’s done similar favors in the past. When something in the house breaks, she’ll know a handyman who will do the job for half price. When her partner can’t get to the store until late, she’ll know the owner and tell them to keep it open. Super convenient! A stream of invites always come in for Leo too, so her partner is guaranteed to have an active social life by association.

17Sagittarius Lightens Things Up When They Get Too Heavy

Sagittarius has a rightly earned reputation for keeping the mood light and cheerful. When she’s in a relationship, she will continuously put out happy vibes, which can be a lifesaver during hard times. When her partner is going through loss, she helps to cheer them up just by being herself. All it takes is a little light-hearted conversation and she makes her partner forget whatever struggles they’re going through in their life. Because Sagittarius can also be quite spiritual, she is good at offering advice and words of wisdom that will help her partner to think more positively.

16Fire Partners Shouldn’t Expect Consistency

In the same way that most people can be relied upon for one thing, there are also areas in which they’re basically guaranteed to under perform. We can’t all be perfect, right? When it comes to the fire signs, consistency isn’t usually the norm. If the partners of these ladies are waiting around for a predictable and overly stable relationship, they’re going to be disappointed. But what the fire signs lack in steadiness they make up for in spontaneity. Don’t commit to a fire sign if you prefer a routine that never changes to a life where every day looks different.

15The Earth Signs Provide A Super Secure Safety Net

Consistency is much more an earth sign trait. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can be relied upon to be, well, reliable. Loyal and somewhat predictable, these ladies are very honest and straightforward in all areas of life. There are very few surprises in store (other than when these usually serious signs start to come out of their shells) for partners, who feel that the earth signs are incredibly trustworthy. These girls might not sweep anyone off their feet with grand romantic gestures and fun adventures, but they are always there when their partner needs them, and can always be counted upon to give their support.

14Taurus Will Provide A Stable Income And Routine

Some say that Taurus is Astrology’s resident hard worker. She hates to be bored and feels a deep satisfaction when she works and earns a stable income. Her partner can count on her to keep working hard and bringing in good money. And just quietly, she can also be counted upon to spend some of that money on shopping for herself. But mostly, she’s a good saver and is very consistent in that area. Her partner will never have to worry about financial issues, nor wonder where she is since she likes to follow the same routine.

13Virgo Always Hits Her Partner With Raw Honesty

If you’re somebody who can’t handle the truth or somebody who needs to have things sugar-coated, you probably shouldn’t get serious with a Virgo. This earth sign is guaranteed to be honest with her partner when they do and don’t want her to be. She doesn’t believe in telling lies and thinks that people need to hear the truth to improve themselves. Though this sounds harsh, it’s actually a good thing. Virgo partners never have to wonder whether they’ve got spinach in their teeth, or whether they really suck at that hobby they thought they could turn into a career because she will definitely clear all that up.

12Capricorn’s Partner Counts On Her To Follow Through With Her Promises

It doesn’t take long for the partner of Capricorn to realize that her word means a lot. This sign doesn’t like to make promises often, but when she does, she always follows through. It’s reassuring to know that when she says she’s going to be somewhere, she’ll be there, and when she says she’s going to do something, she’ll do it. Capricorn is very goal-orientated, so she has quite a dedicated and disciplined personality, and this always filters through to her relationships. Even if she doesn’t feel like keeping her word, she will because that’s the approach she takes at work and in other areas of life.

11Earth Partners Shouldn’t Expect Too Many Surprises

For some people, having a super safe partner and a predictable relationship isn’t the top priority. These are the people who can start to feel restless at a certain point in every long-term relationship, no matter how good it is. Earth partners should understand that they can’t rely upon Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn to keep things spicy. If they’re scared of falling into a rut, they should consider a partner who will focus on surprising them and switching things up in the relationship so nobody gets bored. The earth signs are much more about playing it safe and taking things slow.

10The Air Signs Support Their Partners And Encourage Them To Think Differently

Thanks to their enthusiasm and passion, the air signs make great personal cheerleaders. No matter what, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are always there to have their partner’s back. They are excited by the idea of their partner chasing a huge dream, and often encourage things that other signs wouldn’t. Especially if you aspire to do something that some would classify as unrealistic, it’s a good idea to date an air sign who will see the positive side to your choice and have your back all the way. The air signs can also be relied upon to teach their partners new, positive ways of thinking.

9Gemini Is Happy To Be Her Partner’s Cheerleader Whenever They Need

All the air signs are cheerleaders to some extent, but Gemini is their queen. This is the most enthusiastic, positive and naturally happy sign in Astrology, and she is genuinely thrilled whenever her partner aspires to something that she can’t help but turn into a soccer mom and cheer from the sidelines. This sign also provides that reassuring voice her partner needs whenever they start to doubt themselves. Gemini looks for the good in people and believes that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to, and she loves to remind people (her partner especially) of that.

8Libra Will Always Act As The Voice Of Reason

Libra is good at supporting her partner, but she is also good at seeing things from the opposite point of view. Though she has her partner’s back, she is an objective thinker and can always be counted upon to be the voice of reason. In other words, she’s supportive without being biased. When her partner argues with someone, Libra will be there for them, but will also help them to understand where the other person is coming from. Partners of Libra usually rush straight to her when they need advice on any subject, because she’s full of wisdom.

7Aquarius Gives A Unique Perspective Nobody Thought Of Before

Those who date Aquarius also rely on her to give advice, and seek out her opinion on various issues. This isn’t necessarily because she’s got an objective point of view, but because her perspective is so unique and different from everybody else’s. Aquarius truly sees the world in a different way and can, therefore, give advice that others can’t. She tends to think outside the box and is always coming up with new ideas. Particularly when her partner is looking for help with their career, she is guaranteed to come up with some top ideas that will change the game.

6Air Partners Shouldn’t Expect Commitment Too Soon

The air signs are great for a lot of reasons, and often make some of the best partners. But there’s one thing that people in a relationship with them shouldn’t expect, and that’s premature commitment. Of course, it’s not impossible to get an air sign to commit, but it’s almost guaranteed that they won’t want to make any promises too early until they’re absolutely sure. These signs like to keep their options open and will do that for as long as they can get away with. Trying to force an air sign to commit before they’re ready is asking for trouble.

5The Water Signs Bring Passion To The Relationship

There are many words to describe the water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—but the main one should be passionate. These signs aren’t distracted or careless, but get emotionally invested in just about everything they do, and everyone they come across. Relationships are extremely important to them, so of course, relationships with a water sign are always full of passion and spark. These ladies like to pour out their deepest feelings and establish very close bonds with their partners. They don’t hold back on showing affection either or letting their lovers know how much they mean to them.

4Cancer Is There For Her Partner Always, No Questions Asked

Cancer’s partner means the world to her, and she has no problem letting them know about it. Her needs always come second to her partner’s because that’s just the type of person she is, and that’s how deeply she loves. That means that whatever is happening in her own life, she makes the effort to always be there when her partner needs her. This includes attending events with them when she’s tired, hanging out with them when they’re sad and bringing them care packages when they’re sick. Her partner knows that whatever the situation may be, she is only one call away.

3Scorpio Is Guaranteed To Fight For Her Partner

Some would describe Scorpio as a fighter. She is good at standing up for those people and things that are important to her, so of course, she is always standing up for the person she’s in a relationship with. When people attack her partner, they better make themselves scarce before Scorpio gets her hands on them, since she’s known to have a bit of a temper. This sign isn’t always aware of when it’s appropriate to have an argument and when it’s not, so she has no problem with questioning and challenging people who seem to threaten her partner in public.

2Pisces Always Understands Where Her Partner Is Coming From

Pisces is often thought of like the most understanding sign and that’s because she’s naturally empathic and intuitive enough to grasp how other people are feeling. One of the least judgmental signs, she always tries to see the world from her partner’s perspective. Her partner relies on her to listen to them when they need to get something off their chest and to understand and accept them rather than judge them. Even if the conversation is awkward or uncomfortable, Pisces is good at taking it in and responding in a way that makes her partner feel understood and accepted.

1Water Partners Shouldn’t Expect Logic

The water signs can be very intelligent, but that tends to take a back seat to their inclination to follow their hearts. Even if something doesn’t make sense, these signs will choose it if it’s what their hearts and emotions are telling them to. Because they can get quite carried away by all their feelings, and their passion, they’re not the most logical of people. They can think logically, but they sometimes ignore those thoughts in favor of emotionally-charged decisions. Water partners can rely on these ladies to be affectionate, considerate and passionate, but logical or rational? Not so much.

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