• January 13, 2018

The Type Of Person You Will Go For According To Personality Type



Who you usually go for: The one who gives you half as much as you give them. The one who you really really really like, but doesn’t necessarily like you as much back. You believe in hard work when it comes to relationships, and you’re determined to prove that you’re faithful and trustworthy. This only works for as long as it takes for you to figure out that the reason the relationship seems to be at a plateau is because: your effort alone cannot keep the ship sailing.

Who you should go for: The one who tries. Someone who acknowledges that passion is important, but understands that effort is what truly keeps people together. Someone who initiates as often as you do, and is willing to share every part of their life with you.



Who you usually go for: The mysterious one. Or the risky one. Or the one already in a relationship. Basically, you go for the unavailable one that seems only the slightest bit interested in you, but you know in the back of your mind that it’s never going to happen. But all the more enthralling, because you love the chase anyway and you’re dead set on changing their mind. Whether or not you’ll still be into them once you get them, is another mystery altogether.

Who you should go for: The laid-back one who goes with the flow, but refuses to fall victim to your game. The one who doesn’t wait around until you decide what you want, but shows you what you want instead. Someone who escapes predictability, but still provides you with reassurance.


Who you usually go for: The over-achieving, put-together one. You get turned on by long-term goal setting and planning ahead. And you’re attracted to capability, intelligence and ambition. But most of all, you’re attracted to assertiveness. After all, you’re going to need someone who can keep up with yourself, no?

Who you should go for: The secretly witty one. The humble, yet still confident one whom you overlook and underestimate at first, until they challenge one of your theories with an equally impressive theory of their own. Or better yet, they actually prove you wrong, and leave you with all the holes in your argument that you believed was foolproof. Someone who knocks your ego down a notch, but in a way that only makes you admire them more.



Who you usually go for: The innocent one. The nice one whose limits have yet to be tested, and whose ugly side has yet to be revealed. You go for the patient ones, only to see how long you can tap-dance on their last nerve. You just like seeing good things burn, don’t you? (Haha, kidding. Not really.)

Who you should go for: The one who can’t be pushed. The one who is unaffected by your roguish charm, and who shows you who they really are on their own terms. Someone who doesn’t see in black or white, but in shades of grey. Someone who doesn’t label people as good or bad, but rather, that we can always be better.


Who you usually go for: The Don/Damsel in Distress type who makes you feel like the Knight in Shining Armour. The one who depends on you and makes you feel needed. You’re a sucker for the line “What would I do without you?” Whether it’s from the one who cries to you regularly over the phone, or the one who literally relies on you as their main source of income. Either way, you’re a crutch, and you have no qualms being one.

Who you should go for: The independent one. The one who does perfectly fine without your little showers of affection, but still appreciates and accepts them anyway because they know it’s your way of saying “I care about you.” Someone who reminds you constantly of your worth to them, even when you feel like you’re not doing anything at all.



Who you usually go for: Anyone and everyone that catches your eye. You leave no crevice unexplored. You’re quick to pick up on immediate attraction and interest, and even quicker to act on it. But this also means: you’re quick to drop it once the initial attraction fades. You’re also not a stranger to juggling more than one date at a time.

Who you should go for: The one who waits. The one who can patter out your hastiness and impulsiveness, and stick around long enough for you to actually get to know them properly. Someone who will make you see that stability doesn’t necessarily have to mean boredom, and that you don’t have to compromise on your happiness to be able to commit.



Who you usually go for: The docile one. The one who doesn’t mind having you make all their decisions for them. You prefer your “arguments” to be one-sided and not to be talked back to when you’re clearly right. You go for the submissive one, who you know won’t ever say no.

Who you should go for: The one who says no. The one who supports and reassures you, but keeps you grounded at the same time. Someone who takes their turn wearing the pants in the relationship, and lets you know when you’ve crossed the line. Someone who is 100% sure of who they are, so they won’t get lost while loving you.



Who you usually go for: The naive one. Or anyone that gives you the pleasure of responding to your impulsive cries for attention. Typically, you go for the one who looks at you like you’re a superstar. Because they fall for all your attempts at showing off, and that makes you feel good for about five seconds.

Who you should go for: The smart one who calls you out on all your bullshit. Someone who bothers to ask why you do the things you do and encourages you to think before you act. Someone who digs deeper, until they reach the ugly stuff that you hide behind all the shiny stuff. And still stays.

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