• January 13, 2018

The Perfect Romantic Autumn Date For Each Zodiac Sign

Fall is probably the best season of the year—and it’s definitely the most romantic! You don’t have the pressure of the holiday season upon you just yet (choosing a Valentine’s gift can be a daunting task) and you’re not in summer fling mode anymore. When you meet someone in the fall and you feel that spark of romantic interest, you know that you’re not just in it for three months or less—this is someone you might want to be with for the long haul, and you know that you’ve got to plan an adorable outing to impress them.

It’s pumpkin spice season, sweater weather, so it is the perfect time to relax at a bonfire or sip apple cider together. Seriously, could you choose a better time to go on a first date? We’ve gotta say no. There are so many chances to go on a great first date this fall—especially with Halloween getting closer and closer by the week! If you met a special someone recently, you might be wondering exactly what to do. Need a hint? Astrology holds the answers to help you figure it all out. Here is the perfect romantic autumn date for each sign that’s sure to land you a second (or beyond) date.

24Libra Girls: Go Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin picking is one of the most popular fall date ideas—and for good reason! You get outside, there’s no pressure to wear anything fancy, and you go during the daytime, so it’s great for people who are still friends but toying with the idea of being a couple.

Libra girls love pumpkin picking—they like dates that are traditional but still casual and fun when things are just starting out.

If you’re interested in a Libra girl, you truly can’t go wrong with pumpkin picking. No matter where you live, a good pumpkin patch should be within driving distance.

23Libra Guys: Corn Maze

What’s the best date for a Libra guy? Try a corn maze! These guys do like traditional dates, but they also enjoy a challenge. And let’s be honest, Libra guys are always trying to find new ways to impress the women that they like. If they can get you guys out of the corn maze, they will be feeling pretty proud of themselves! If you have a Libra guy on your mind, don’t be afraid to make the first move and ask him to join you for a corn maze date—he won’t find it weird for you to make the move.

22Scorpio Girls: Choose A Couples Costume

There is nothing that Scorpio girls love more than a good costume party—so yes, Halloween is usually a Scorpio girl’s favorite holiday. They just can’t resist dressing up and getting creative, so Halloween is their chance to really express themselves!

If you really want to show a Scorpio girl that you’re up for a good time—and that you might be ready to commit—ask her to come to a Halloween party with you.

And then be bold enough to suggest a couple’s costume! She will be thrilled that you’ll ask, and she’ll probably have plenty of great ideas for you both.

21Scorpio Guys: Go Horseback Riding

Scorpio girls may love putting together couples’ costumes, but Scorpio guys are looking for something totally different when it comes to fall dates. They are looking for something a little bit more on the adventurous side—and luckily, we have the perfect suggestion. Scorpio guys are a bit more outdoorsy than most people realize, so they just might enjoy a nice afternoon of horseback riding. This is a better choice for a date early in the fall when the weather is nicer—the leaves will be just starting to change, and you won’t have to bundle up all that much.

20Capricorn Girls: Have A Picnic

Want to seriously impress that cute Capricorn girl you’ve been crushing on? Plan the perfect fall picnic and watch her eyes light up.

Capricorn girls are usually the ones who are hosting and cooking for everyone else—so when a guy decides to do it for them instead, they are always so flattered.

Our tips to make it extra special? Find out a few of her favorite foods in advance, and make sure to double check the weather before you pick a date—you definitely don’t want to get rained on! Choose a cute local park, and relax and enjoy.

19Capricorn Guys: Go To The Farmer’s Market Together

Capricorn guys are all about living a healthy lifestyle. They are definitely not the type to skimp when it comes to buying groceries. And when fall rolls around, they love to get seasonal fruits and veggies from their local farmer’s market. Do you want to plan a casual fall date with a Capricorn guy that could easily turn into something more? Ask if you can tag along, or invite him to a local farm with you to get some healthy goodies. If you play your cards right, you two could end up cooking a delicious, healthy dinner together that evening!

18Aquarius Girls: Scary Movie Night

Aquarius girls all seem to love horror films—it’s a common favorite. It’s probably because these girls love the thrill of getting a little scared, as long as it’s all in good fun!

Everyone knows that horror movies are actually perfect date films (as long as your date doesn’t get spooked TOO easily).

Why not invite that Aquarius girl you have a crush on out to see the latest horror flick? And if you want to step things up a notch, choose one of those movie theaters where you can order dinner before the film. It’s definitely an ideal date!

17Aquarius Guys: Haunted Hay Ride

Aquarius guys also love the spooky side of fall. A haunted hayride is a great choice if you want to make a good impression on an Aquarius guy. You can find a fun haunted hayride pretty much anywhere, and they are a great way to cuddle up and get scared—in a fun way, of course! This date definitely comes across as a bit more romantic than some other fall date ideas, mainly because it’s at night and you pretty much have to snuggle up during the potentially bumpy ride! If that’s what you want, then you should go for it.

16Gemini Girls: Getting Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Gemini girls aren’t really into serious dates—they would much rather just do something laid back. They do fall fast, but they don’t jump right into commitments, so it’s best to just keep things chill at first.

So, the best first fall date for a Gemini girl is clear—go out for pumpkin spice lattes!

Pick a cozy, chilly afternoon, find the cutest coffee shop in town, get cuddled up in a comfy booth, and talk for hours over PSLs. Seriously, what could be a better fall date for a Gemini girl? And who doesn’t love a good pumpkin spice latte?

15Gemini Guys: Bonfire With Friends

Gemini guys are super social—in fact, they’re one of the friendliest signs. They love to meet new people and hang out in big groups, so if you’re trying to think of a good first date with a Gemini guy this fall, we can’t think of anything better than a bonfire with all your close friends. It’s the perfect balance between a fun social gathering and a cozy fall date—you can snuggle up and get close by the fire, but there’s no pressure to make a move because you’re hanging out with your other good friends as a group.

14Pisces Girls: Go Hiking

It’s no secret that Pisces women love the outdoors—they may be water signs, not earth signs, but they just love to be outside, even if it doesn’t involve going to the beach. Want to pick the best fall date for that Pisces girl you’ve been texting? Take her hiking!

Find a trail that runs through a beautiful section of the woods, preferably one where you can admire all of the lovely fall foliage, and pack a tasty lunch.

You two will have plenty of time to talk, get a little exercise in, and enjoy the great outdoors on your date.

13Pisces Guys: Go To A Fall Festival

No matter where you happen to live, you can find a fun fall festival—and inviting a Pisces guy to that fall festival could be the ideal first date! Fall festivals combine the best of everything autumnal. Whether you want to pick up some fruits, veggies, or pumpkins, go shopping for local arts and crafts, grab some apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte, or simply get some cute photos and enjoy a nice day outside, you and your Pisces guy are sure to find something fun to do! This date has so much variety—you just can’t go wrong.

12Sagittarius Girls: Take A Weekend Road Trip

Sagittarius women love to travel. It really seems to be in their DNA—they just always feel like they have to be on the move. If they’re not already on a flight to somewhere special, they almost certainly have a trip booked for the near future!

So, what’s the best fall date if you want to impress a Sagittarius woman? Go for it and plan a weekend road trip.

This one is best if you’re already good friends but you are thinking of taking things to the next level. Sagittarius girls love a guy who appreciates their true adventurous nature.

11Sagittarius Guys: Haunted House Tour

You already know that Aries men and women love a good scare—but did you know that Sagittarius guys also are so into everything spooky? The best fall date for a Sagittarius guy is without a doubt a haunted house tour. Haunted house tours can actually get pretty scary, even if you know that it’s all just fun and games. So that just gives you an excuse to grab on to his arm! See, that’s why it’s such a good date idea—you get a good thrill out of it, but you also get to be a little romantic, too, if things go as planned.

10Leo Girls: Carve Pumpkins Together

As you now know, Libra girls like pumpkin picking—but Leo girls love carving pumpkins! They’re not as outdoorsy as Libra girls, but they do love all of those fun seasonal fall activities. So here’s the perfect compromise: plan a day of pumpkin carving at your house.

Get the pumpkins, get the newspapers spread out, and get ready to just get messy and have a good time!

Make sure you have all the tools you need for carving—and maybe pick up some fun, spooky stencils, too. When it’s all said and done, have some hot chocolate ready to pour.

9Leo Guys: Go To A Football Game

Like Gemini guys, Leo guys truly love to be social and just be around a ton of people. They are total extroverts, and when they first start seeing someone, they don’t really want to go on serious, intimate dates—they would rather be a part of a fun group activity. That’s why the perfect fall date for the Leo guy in your life is a football game. Fall football season is so much fun, especially if you are a student in high school or college. And even if you have already graduated, you can still go to the homecoming game!

8Cancer Girls: Bake Some Seasonal Goodies

Cancer girls are at home in the kitchen. They love to cook, bake, and just make sure that their loved ones are well fed and happy whenever they come over! And what better time of year for baking?

If you want to spend some quality time with a Cancer girl this fall, baking is the best way to do it.

Just imagine getting to spend an afternoon with that Cancer girl you’ve been falling for, and at the end of it, you’ve got pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, apple cider donuts—you name it, she probably has a recipe for it.

7Cancer Guys: Get Together For “Friendsgiving”

Cancer guys can get a little intimidated on the first date. Yes, they are super romantic, but sometimes that first solo date with just you can feel like a lot of pressure! Why not invite him to something a bit more social instead so that you can both relax and enjoy the season with your friends? If you don’t already have a “Friendsgiving” tradition, you could always go ahead and start one! Everyone can bring a dish that they enjoy, and you guys can all sit around the table and have a fantastic night together—and maybe even spark up some romance.

6Taurus Girls: Go Apple Picking

Taurus girls are earth signs, which means that they love to spend time out in nature more than anything. Obviously, their ideal fall date will be outside, not indoors! So, where should you take a Taurus girl for that adorable fall date you have in mind? Apple picking would be our number one suggestion.

These girls definitely like to spend time out in the crisp fall air, and they love the way nature changes with the seasons.

Apple picking is such a laid back, casual activity, so it’s perfect for a chill date where you can both get to know each other.

5Taurus Guys: Go Camping

When it comes to choosing the right fall date for a Taurus guy, you need to think big. Here’s the thing—a Taurus guy isn’t going to go on a date with a girl who he doesn’t know fairly well already, so he’s not really looking for something casual. He wants to do something that requires more of a commitment—that’s just how Taurus guys roll. Why not ask him to go on a camping trip with you? It doesn’t have to be for a full weekend, but even just one night would be a lot of fun for you both.

4Aries Girls: Visit A Sunflower Field

Okay, Aries girls have all kinds of fun ideas when it comes to fall dates. Here’s their little secret—they want a photogenic date. They want to take some cute pictures with you so they can show you off to their friends! So, where on earth should you take an Aries girl for a fall date? Why not try going to sunflower field?

Imagine just wandering through the sunflowers together, taking it all in and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

To an Aries girl, there is basically nothing more romantic, and she’s just waiting for you to ask her.

3Aries Guys: Swap Your Favorite Spooky Novels

Aries guys don’t want just any old date. These guys need something a little more creative—and they’re not easy to impress, so you’ll need to think a bit outside the box if you want things to work out. Here’s our suggestion for the best fall date idea with an Aries guy: do something outside the norm and swap your favorite spooky novels. Maybe you both have a favorite Stephen King book that the other hasn’t read—well, ’tis the season! The best thing about this novel “date”? You’ll have plenty of interesting things to talk about while you’re both reading!

2Virgo Girls: Visit Your City’s Parks

When it comes to the ideal fall date, Virgo girls are definitely not looking for anything fancy. In fact, they simply want something relaxed with no pressure to make any serious commitments right off the bat.

They don’t need you to sweep them off their feet—they just want to hang out and do something fun and low-key that reflects the season.

Taking a stroll through a cute local park and hanging out for a while is all a Virgo girl really wants to do! And the best thing about this date? Well, let’s just say it won’t cost you a thing!

1Virgo Guys: Go On A Fall Foliage Tour

As true earth signs, Virgo guys love to spend time outdoors in the fall—with all the beautiful leaves changing color, we totally understand. Did you know that in some areas, you can actually go on fall foliage tours where local guides will show you all the natural beauty of the region? This is without a doubt the perfect fall date for a Virgo guy! You guys will get to spend some quality time with each other in the great outdoors, and you will get to see a whole new beautiful side of your hometown that you might otherwise miss.

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