• January 13, 2018

Scott Eastwood Interview: Pacific Rim Uprising

Screen Rant got a chance on press day to chat with Scott Eastwood, where we discussed the natural chemistry between him and John Boyega’s character, what kind of Jaeger he would use if he could, and what is next for him in his career.

First of all, Scott, I had a lot of fun with this movie. Your character has a lot of history with John Boyega’s character Jake and you guys play off of each other very well. Was there an instant connection and chemistry with you two?

Scott Eastwood: I think there was. Yeah. We just sort of saw everything together. We saw that we get this movie and this is what we’re doing? We were cool about it.

Now Guillermo del Toro said that he made the first Pacific Rim for the eleven year old self inside of him.

Scott Eastwood: Yes!

Who did you make Pacific Rim Uprising for?

Scott Eastwood: I think the same. I mean, I was always a fan of these monster films. Loved the Godzillas! I loved even the older films like the Ultramans or the King Kongs. So, for me it was. It was fulfilling that.

Now this is obviously a pretty VFX heavy movie. I know you’ve done that with Suicide Squad, but how was it? Because this was on a whole other scale.

Scott Eastwood: Yeah. There, look, these big films are always, they can be daunting. To even think about, geez, I would hate to be in the director’s shoes. For us we get to come in and do what we do, but there’s so much that goes in outside the actual filming of these films. It’s just a great collaborative effort.

You obviously have done a lot of great films. You have one coming out with Morgan Freeman.What can you tell me about this project? Manuscript, I believe?

Scott Eastwood: Yeah. Manuscript. It’s a thriller? It’s sort of a psychological thriller meets heist film. Nick Cassavetes is directing. I’m pretty excited about it.

With everything going on in the Pacific Rim world, as a fan, where would you like to see your character go next?

Scott Eastwood: I think there’s an interesting world where some of these other monster universes are cross blended. Right? Maybe like a little King Kong or Godzilla.

Ah! That’s a little crossover, huh?

Scott Eastwood: Right? There’s something there because these kaijus are an alien race, but there also prehistoric.

That’s a great point.

Scott Eastwood: So I think there’s a cross blending of the universes and I also think it would be cool to sort of play in those worlds.

That would be amazing. There’s a lot of great actors in this film. Did you have any advice for them as you were with them?

Scott Eastwood: I did along the way. You know, I took that sort of that mentoring role, which I played in the film. I took that sort of in real life. I tried to be the best. I tried to lead by example.

You as Scott, what Jaeger would you want to pilot and who would you be drift compatible with and who would you not be drift compatible with?

Scott Eastwood: Which Jaeger? What if I had my own Jaeger?

You could do that.

Scott Eastwood: Like a little Dance Dance Revolution Jaeger? You know, like a Jaeger who defeated everyone through dancing.

I love that.

Scott Eastwood: Yeah. Do you remember that movie Daddy’s Home?


Scott Eastwood: That one with Will Ferrell.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right.

Scott Eastwood: How they have to do this dance scene at the end of the movie instead of fight? They’d do a dance off.

So a dance off with the Kaiju?

Scott Eastwood: Yeah!

I like it. It’s peace among the species.

Scott Eastwood: I like that.

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