• January 13, 2018

How People Argue In Relationships, A/c To Their Zodiac Sign

Arguing is a normal part of relationships, and it can even be healthy. As pointed out by Psychology Today, research suggests that conflict and arguing actually enable people in relationships to have a greater awareness of each other.

However, there’s a catch. How you argue is important and should be healthy and respectful. What makes this tricky at times is that people argue in different ways. Interestingly, their signs have something to do with their fighting styles!

Therefore, it helps to know how different signs deal with arguments and fighting in romantic relationships, especially if you’ve just started dating someone new. For example, people born under the sign of Aries will be open about the fact that they’re upset and tell you exactly what you’ve done to make them angry. Cancer, on the other hand, is pretty emotional and will try really hard to see things from your perspective during a fight.

By knowing how each sign deals with arguments, you’re better equipped to know what to expect and how to deal so that you prevent your arguments from becoming toxic. Here are the fighting styles of both men and women born under the 12 signs.

24His Aries Fighting Style: He’ll Tell You Immediately That He’s Upset

The Aries man doesn’t mince his words. He’ll tell you straight up if he’s upset. This is a good thing because it means that you don’t have to wonder what’s going on or worry about what he’s thinking.

The only catch is that Aries despises being wrong.

This can definitely cause a heated argument if you’re also sticking to your guns because you’re not going to hear each other out.

23Her Aries Fighting Style: She Has A List Of Things You’ve Done!

Based on the fact that Aries comes to an argument with hard, cold facts, the Aries woman will give you a list of things that you’ve done to upset her. Yup, there’s a full list, probably dating back months! If you’ve upset her, you can expect her to show that she’s hurt by being angry. She’ll use your weaknesses against you and call you names, according to Paired Life.

So, tread carefully with the Ram, because once you push her she won’t go down without a fight. She also loves a challenge so she’ll be striving to win.

22His Taurus Fighting Style: He Waits Patiently For You To Finish Talking

The Taurus guy doesn’t want to fight, but if you end up arguing with him, he will be rational. He’s the type who’ll think through the entire argument so he can deal with it in the best, most practical way.

He’s going to let you say what’s on your mind, thanks to his patient nature.

He’s also the type of person who wants to end the fight so that you both get closure and still like each other. So, he’ll likely want to give you a hug because he’s affectionate and likes touch, according to Thought Catalog. Just don’t take advantage of his patience – the bull of the astrology signs has a temper!

21Her Taurus Fighting Style: She Shuts Down

While the Taurus guy might give you the time of day during a fight, a Taurus woman will shut down. She can be very emotional but she won’t let that get in the way of winning. Yup, the Taurus sign can be pretty stubborn at times and dig her heels right into the ground. You won’t be able to budge her, which can definitely be infuriating.

While it seems like she’s giving you a cold shoulder, though, she’s actually trying to come across as sane and practical while you look like the crazy person, as reported by Elite Daily. Ha!

20His Gemini Fighting Style: He Wants To Resolve Things Quickly

People born under the sign of Gemini are always known for having two sides to their personalities. So fighting with a Gemini guy can go in different ways, with no fight ever really being the same as the one before. This can throw you for a loop, but the one thing you can expect is for Gemini to end the fight really fast.

He wants to make peace and then go and have fun together.

He hates grudges and won’t leave a fight hanging for long. Since Gemini also surprises you all the time, it’s not unheard of for him to laugh during a heated argument to diffuse the tension.

19Her Gemini Fighting Style: She Becomes Dramatic, Saying Things She’ll Later Regret

Although a Gemini gal might be keen to resolve a fight before it becomes exhausting, there are times when she’ll be hard-hitting and unrelenting during an argument. Gemini says what’s on her mind, even if you didn’t ask for it, and she’s honest about what her issues are and why you’ve done something wrong.

If you’re trying to beat around the bush with a Gemini woman during a fight, tread carefully – you’ll be confronted about your sneaky tactics! As Elite Daily reports, “Geminis are clever and quick on their feet; you’ll be beaten before you knew what was coming.”

18His Cancer Fighting Style: He Tries To See Things From Your Perspective

Cancer is known as being the emotional, sensitive sign. When you confront your Cancer boyfriend about why you’re upset, he’ll want to hear you out. He’ll also try his best to see things from your perspective during a fight and understand what happened to make you feel hurt.

He might even look emotional during the argument, and that’s because Cancer dislikes fighting in general. 

However, he has a bit of a dark side underneath all that sensitivity: he’s actually pretty good at holding onto a grudge afterward, regardless of the outcome, so you’ll want to watch your step!

17Her Cancer Fighting Style: She Breaks Down In Tears

Fighting with someone born under the sign of Cancer can really cause them pain, which is why your best bet is to stay calm and focus on sorting through the issues instead of losing your cool. The Cancer woman is emotional and might break down in tears during an argument. Or, she might explode into a rage because she feels so angry.

Either way, you can definitely expect fireworks if you’re having a dramatic fight with her. That said, it’s rare for Cancer to get into a bad fight because she avoids conflict as much as possible. Phew, thank goodness.

16His Leo Fighting Style: He Gets Easily Annoyed

Leo loves being the center of attention, and sometimes this can make him come across as a bit arrogant during a fight. He might hate that he has to give you center-stage to air your views, especially if he disagrees with them.

Expect him to roll his eyes or even stare at you with boredom.

If you’re waiting for your Leo boyfriend to apologize to you after a fight, you might be waiting a long time, as reported by Read Stars. This is because the Leo man is very proud, so you’ll have to take the initiative if you want to move on from the fight.

15Her Leo Fighting Style: She Holds Onto Her Beliefs Until You Agree She’s Right

Leo can be stubborn and overconfident, so she’ll focus on her perspective and beliefs without giving you a chance to feel heard in the middle of a heated argument, Leo is known for insufferably defending her beliefs until her partner gets tired enough to just agree with her.

For Leo, a fight is about getting what she wants and persuading you to see things from her perspective every time. She’s not really into what you have to say- the fight is her time to speak her piece. You have to decide if you want to go to battle or just suck it up and keep the peace.

14His Virgo Fighting Style: He’s Critical

Virgo can be quite critical during a fight, especially if you rub him the wrong way. Virgo pays attention to detail, which makes him great at debates and arguments. As reported by Thought Smoke, people born under the sign of Virgo have an uncanny ability to remember each and everything you said during an argument.

That means you should never say anything now that you don’t want to be repeated in future arguments!

With all this info, it’s easy to forget that Virgo actually hates conflict and feels anxious at the mere thought of it.

13Her Virgo Fighting Style: She’ll Snap At The Slightest Thing

Since she pays such good attention to detail (and she can be obsessive), the Virgo woman might seem to lose her cool over the smallest thing but there’s a reason for it. If she feels wronged by something small you did, even a facial expression you gave her that you weren’t aware of, she’s not going to bottle up her emotions.

As reported by Paired Life, “There is something in the Virgo that says, ‘Not only am I right, but I am inherently righteous, so you had better just sit there and listen. I am beyond reproach’.” It might be best to let her have her say – the less you argue, the faster the fighting will end.

12His Libra Fighting Style: He Asks Others For Their Opinion On Your Fight

The Libra sign is symbolized by scales. People born under this sign want balance and harmony. Fighting with a Libra man, therefore, means that he’ll try to be fair and cooperate with you to sort out the issue.

He dislikes fighting, and to get out of the sticky situation he might resort to asking a friend to join in the argument!

This is because he dislikes doing anything alone, as reported by Thought Catalog. On the positive side, asking someone outside of the relationship for their views will help Libra focus on what’s just and right without wanting to win unfairly.

11Her Libra Fighting Style: She Leaves The Room, Not Wanting Drama

Since Libra wants to avoid fighting in relationships, the Libra woman might think the best way to deal is to leave the room instead of getting knee-deep into a fight. Unless she feels strongly about some unfairness, that is. In such a case, she won’t hesitate to get her point across.

As reported by Thing, Libra is skilled at arguing, but that doesn’t mean she wants to run you into the ground. The Libra woman will try to see things from your perspective and treat you fairly without shouting or losing her cool- but the key word is try.

10His Scorpio Fighting Style: He Plays Mind Games

Fighting with a Scorpio man can be harsh – he knows how to sting you when he’s feeling hurt! Scorpio tends to play mind games during a fight, and that can make it hard to predict what he’s thinking – and sometimes you’ll get completely blindsided by him.


He’ll often have his partner eating out of the palm of his hand because of how skillfully he manipulates them (and others). You have to keep an eye on this guy!

9Her Scorpio Fighting Style: She Asks Hard-Hitting Questions To Unravel You

Scorpio is intelligent and bold while sometimes being fiery. While you might assume this means they’ll lose their temper, it can be much sneakier. The Scorpio woman will ask you lots of difficult questions during a fight, according to Thought Catalog.

This can easily throw you off and make you tremble, but it’s not always done because Scorpio is so good at manipulation. Rather, she asks hard-hitting questions because she just wants to find the truth so that things can be resolved. It just would be nice if she didn’t make you feel like you were taking an exam!

8His Sagittarius Fighting Style: He’ll Say Harsh Things Just To Win

When Sagittarius gets upset with you, he’ll do whatever it takes to get his way. This can involve resorting to saying really harsh and unkind things. Ouch! He hates being trapped in a fight, which can make him lash out.

After all, he’d rather be able to leave the room and go do something he’d prefer doing with all his energy, instead of arguing.

So, as Thought Catalog reports, although the things that can come out of the Sagittarius man’s mouth can be upsetting, they’re really a result of his impatience and need for freedom. Still, it’s definitely no picnic being on the receiving end of them!

7Her Sagittarius Fighting Style: She Gets Impatient And Her Emotions Run High

Fighting with a Sagittarius woman can be quite a dramatic affair. She might shout, cry, and stomp her feet. She battles to understand the difficulties that her loved ones face, so in a heated argument trying to see things from her partner’s perspective will fly straight out of the window! Her emotions get the better of her. She doesn’t want to be so dramatic, though.

In fact, as reported by Astrological Society, she’s embarrassed by such behavior because she dreads appearing weak or out of control. She just can’t help but run away with her intense need to protect herself.

6His Capricorn Fighting Style: He Can Be Condescending

Although he can be pretty carefree and laid-back, the Capricorn man takes himself very seriously and this is best seen during an argument with him. He can get hurt really fast, especially if the fight has snowballed out of control.

Instead of showing you that he’s hurt, though, his pride gets in the way and has the effect of making him become condescending.

He might say things that he’ll regret later, or he might become a mansplainer, making you feel like he knows everything. Sometimes you need to chill, Mr. Smarty Pants! Arguing with a Capricorn man can be infuriating.

5Her Capricorn Fighting Style: She’ll Express What Faults She Finds In You

Since she has the tendency to be a bit self-righteous during a fight, the Capricorn woman will tell you what’s wrong with you and catalog all your faults. If she’s particularly stressed out or angry during the argument, you should brace yourself for hearing some hard-hitting insults that she’s ready to dish out without warning.

She won’t back down from a fight, but she’s also not the type to lose her temper- which means she’ll deliver her criticisms stoically. Fortunately, a temper flare is a rare thing to witness in the Capricorn woman, as she’s way too self-controlling to resort to such measures.

4His Aquarius Fighting Style: He Delays The Fight

You might think the Aquarius man tries to delay a fight, such as by saying you’ll talk about it later because he’s avoiding it. But in actual fact, he’s just being distant because he wants to defend himself against his own emotions, . This is also why he’d rather argue in person than over the phone, where misunderstandings can occur.

He needs to take time to deal with his thoughts and feelings before entering into a confrontation, though.

The Aquarius man is very intelligent, and when he does meet with you to argue, he’ll be a reasonable person who thinks deeply about your perspective, the site goes on to explain.

3Her Aquarius Fighting Style: She Says “Let’s Take A Breather For Five Seconds”

Similar to the Aquarius man, the Aquarius woman will want to stop and take a breather in the middle of a fight. This is especially the case if emotions are running high. It might actually be better for the Aquarius woman to write down her feelings as she communicates better in writing, and this also has the effect of preventing heated moments with which she dreads having to deal.

She’s not confrontational and would prefer to be calm and rational during a fight, which is why a five-minute timeout during an argument is good for both parties to keep a cool head.

2His Pisces Fighting Style: He’ll Be Loving And Try To Find A Solution To The Problem

The Pisces man is the type of guy who’s a lover, not a fighter. He’ll try to be loving during the fight and come up with a solution. However, if he ends up being in a drama-filled fight, he’ll try to paint himself as the victim.


Yikes. But once they get some time alone to deal with their feelings and thoughts, they’ll see where they went wrong. Then later, they’ll want to apologize for their bad behavior before you hold a grudge.

1Her Pisces Fighting Style: She Apologizes Quickly, Even If It’s Not Her Fault

While the Pisces’s tendency to be a martyr can make them feel sorry for themselves, it can also have the opposite effect of making the Pisces woman apologize for the argument even if it wasn’t her fault. Even though her selflessness is admirable,  it can turn the Pisces woman into a doormat during arguments.

That’s not good as it makes the Pisces woman more likely to get manipulated by those taking advantage of her. The Pisces woman would do well to set herself some boundaries, ASAP, but her partner also needs to recognize her weaknesses and not take advantage of them.

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