• January 13, 2018

Here’s Which Orange Is The New Black Character (Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type)


You may have seen the MBTI chart that circulated after season one of Orange Is The New Black came out. While it certainly hit some of the characters on the head, others are up for debate. Check out the new and improved ranking of the Orange Is The New Black characters including the new faces from season 2 and a discussion of their cognitive functions!

ESFP – You are Piper Chapman

I’ve seen some strong arguments for Piper as an ENFP but when it comes down to it, she is altogether too present and in-the-moment to qualify as an extroverted intuitive. Piper reacts to whatever situation is immediately concerning her in a highly emotional way. She is adventurous and outgoing, but is more comfortable jumping on board with others’ ideas than formulating her own. She is an ESFP through and through, with an overflow of introverted feeling.

ENTJ – You are Alex Vause

Let’s get this out of the way off the bat – Alex Vause is an inconsistently written character. In season one she exemplifies a cool, collected ENTJ. She is strategic, organized, logical and controlling. In season two she is scattered, impulsive, unprincipled and reactive – resembling an ESTP character more so than a rational extroverted thinker. I can see strong arguments for ENTJ, ESTP and ISTP for Alex. I chose to go with ENTJ for argument’s sake, as her character from season one was much more defined and developed than it was in season two.

ESTJ – You are Red

Red might just be the best portrayal of a female ESTJ character that TV has ever given us. She is blunt yet loyal, harsh yet protective and organized to an absolute fault. She takes both her job and herself very seriously – upholding her sense of duty in the truest ESTJ fashion. One of the most indisputably consistent characters on the show, Red is a stand-up example of the ESTJ personality type.

ENTP – You are Nicky

I’m endlessly torn between ESTP and ENTP for Nicky Nichols. She is frank, direct and unapologetic – all classic ESTP traits. On the other hand, her quick wit and scheming attitude show glimpses of possible extroverted intuition. ExTP is indisputable for this character. And as far as ENTPs on Orange Is The New Black go, she’s the closest thing we’ve got.

INTJ – You are Vee

I think we can all agree that Vee was a downright terrifying character. Though her “Mother hen” approach to her girls may indicate an inclination toward extroversion, she spends the majority of her time plotting, strategizing and organizing her every move. She is a mastermind in every sense of the word and possibly the only INTJ character we’ve ever seen on Orange Is The New Black.

ENFJ – You are Pennsatucky

So this character is a little out there – we can all agree on that. But at her core, Pennsatucky embodies the ENFJ personality on every level. She is fiercely dedicated to her beliefs and easily riles up others to join her. Her extroverted feeling and introverted intuition work together to determine how she can manipulate those around her to she things from her point of view and follow her spiritual path. She is an unfortunate leader throughout the first two seasons of OITNB, but a leader nonetheless.

ENFP – You are Crazy Eyes

If there’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Suzanne Warren, it’s that she’s operating on a totally different plane than the rest of the inmates – in typical Ne fashion. Her natural exuberance and the passion she puts behind every new whacked-out idea resembles an entertaining exaggeration of the ENFP personality. She is excitable, idealistic and romantic – embodying Ne and Fi through and through.

INFP – You are Yoga Jones

Compassionate, spiritual and soft-spoken, there is no truer representation of an INFP on OITNB than Yoga Jones. She is a born peacekeeper, who seeks inner harmony for both herself and those around her. She has “Fi” written all over her, and her pensive attitude implies extroverted intuition as her auxiliary function rather than extroverted sensing. Yoga Jones is a textbook INFP.

ESTP – You are Pornstache

Though he certainly highlights the negative traits of the personality over the positive ones, George Mendez is undeniably an ESTP. He sees things exactly as they are and has no problem taking advantage of what is directly available to him. He is blatantly opportunistic and can talk his way in or out of any sleazy situation with ease.

INFJ – You are Poussey

Kind, analytical and composed, Poussey is the best representation of an INFJ that OITNB is going to give us. She is deeply principled and stands up unabashedly for what she believes in – but doesn’t want to raise a fuss unnecessarily. Her contemplative, caring personality indicates introverted intuition and extroverted feeling in that beautiful combination that makes up the INFJ type.

ISTJ – You are Healy

Since we’re talking about inconsistent characters, let’s delve into Healy. The correctional officer started off on the show resembling a classic ISTJ – principled and concerned, if not a touch corrupted. By the end of the first season we saw his dark side – allowing Pennsatucky to fight Piper mercilessly. Healy represented both the good and dark sides of the ISTJ personality – fair and by the book at their best, harsh and unforgiving at worst.

INTP – You are Janae Watson

Unfortunately Orange Is The New Black doesn’t offer us much in the way of INTP characters. Though Janae isn’t quite developed enough to determine type, her straight-up attitude indicates that she leads with introverted thinking. Which means INTP is a distinct possibility.

ISTP – You are Big Boo

Speaking of introverted thinkers, let us turn our attention to Big Boo. This no-nonsense, straight-shooter of a character is an ideal depiction of the ISTP personality. Big Boo doesn’t beat around the bush or waste her time – she decides what she wants independently and goes for it. End of story.

ESFJ – You are Sophia Burset

Sassy and confident yet nurturing, Sophia Burset is a wonderful depiction of a well-developed ESFJ character. She is kind and understanding, but she isn’t afraid to tell the other characters what she thinks is best. She takes genuine pleasure in serving the other inmates as a hairdresser – fulfilling their practical needs seems to make bring her joy, which is incredibly characteristic of the ESFJ personality.

ISFP – You are Daya Diaz

Timid, caring and quietly free-spirited, Daya represents a textbook ISFP character. On the surface she is accommodating and agreeable but when it comes to what’s truly important to her, she calls all her own shots. Daya’s character flawlessly depicts introverted feeling backed up by extroverted sensing – she reacts to her environment based on how she feels and what she believes is the right thing to do.

ISFJ – You are Larry Bloom

Caring, patient and hopelessly devoted to his loved ones, Larry depicts a classic ISFJ personality. He is a grounded and well-meaning character who wants to make his loved ones happy. Though his loyalties have changed since the beginning of the series, Larry displays tried and true ISFJ morals – he is a sucker for those in need of support and he strives to help them in absolutely any way possible.

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