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Getting out and going on dates can be extremely tiring. Especially if you’re a really busy person. A lot of people are choosing to try online dating because it’s easier to find a match that way. That’s why online dating apps are so popular. Even those apps that are not meant for online dating can be used for that purpose. There are many people in this world who have met their soulmate on one of the social media platforms. It’s a great way to connect with people all over the world. Who knows—maybe your soulmate lives a street from you or maybe he lives on the other side of the world. In case he lives on the other side of the world, chances that you’re going to meet him without a plane ticket or Internet connection are pretty low. But before you try online dating, there are some things you should know…

1. There are a lot of fake profiles out there.

Don’t fall for every guy you see. What you see online doesn’t necessarily have to be the truth. A lot of people create fake profiles for many reasons. Some of them are trying to find a girlfriend but they’re very insecure and shy. They think that fake profiles is the solution to all their problems. But the truth is that they’re not doing themselves any favor. They would have a much better love life if they weren’t making fake profiles.

Some people also make fake profiles because they want to scam others. That’s why you need to be careful with what you’re putting on your profile.

2. There are specific dating sites for those who look for specific traits in a partner.

There are regular dating sites that let you choose from a lot of different kinds of men. But if you are looking for one specific trait or belief in a partner, then you can find a specific site for that. If a different religion is your deal-breaker, then find a site for people who belong to the same religion. Or maybe you want to find someone who lives on a farm. No problem. There are sites where you can meet farmers. Take your time and choose the best possible site for you.

3. There are sites where you have to pay to register on them.

If you are serious about this and if you are looking for true love, maybe you should choose a site that’s not free. Those who are more serious about finding love will always invest more in that process. But if you’re not looking for anything serious, those free sites will serve the purpose.

4. Building a great profile is important.

In order to find the guy you want, you need to make a great profile. Be honest and truly be who you are. This doesn’t mean you need to write any dark secrets on your profile, just be honest about who you are. And also be honest about what you’re looking for in a man. It’ll be easier for them to message you if they know that they match your criteria.

When it comes to choosing a picture for your profile, you need to be careful. Don’t show your cleavage too much and don’t use Snapchat filters. A picture where you’re not wearing a lot of make-up, with your hair down and with a sincere smile would be perfect.

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

If you don’t expect someone to message you based only on a photo of you, then you shouldn’t be like that either. If a guy doesn’t look great in his profile picture, it doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. Read what he wrote and try to understand him. He might be exactly what you’re looking for.

6. Chat with him before you agree to meet him in person.

When a guy messages you, don’t agree to meet him right away. You should take some time to get to know him. Get some basic information about his life and his personality. Ask him whatever you feel like you need to know. Don’t simply agree to meet someone just because he messaged you. Not to mention how dangerous it is to meet someone like that. Make sure you like his personality and, well, figure out that he’s not a serial killer.

7. You need to be smart while planning your first date.

Don’t ever agree to meet at his place. Choose some random place. Don’t choose a restaurant because you might end up not wanting to eat dinner with him. It’s best that you choose a coffee shop. It’s nice and simple and you get to drink coffee (YAY!) but be ready. Tell your friends to call you in the middle of the date. If the date’s going bad, you have an excuse to leave. If everything’s going well, you can say that the call was nothing important. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

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