• January 13, 2018

Here’s The Halloween Costume Each Zodiac Sign Love To Wear This 

So you want to stand out on Halloween night, huh? Well, you could wear what everyone else is wearing or you could choose an outfit that would feel like a second skin to your personality.

That’s the best thing about Halloween! It’s the perfect opportunity to unleash your darker side without scaring away the neighbors and your friends. After all, the alter ego has to come out sometime. And what better time to let it out of the closet than on the night of Samhain when the veil between the worlds are already at its thinnest?

So here are some costume ideas for each Astrological sign (both for him and her) that would make you feel right at home and in character. And since they all reference trending pop culture, you can bet that everyone (everyone!) will recognize you as soon as you walk out on the streets wearing one of these.

Does that mean this list features a lot of superheroes? Of course! But it also features characters who would elicit gasps of surprise and awe from onlookers.

So are you ready to find out which costume you should wear, based on your sign? Let’s dive in.

24Leo Woman: The Red Queen

“Off with his head!”

The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland may not be a sparkling unicorn, but she turns heads (and takes them off) wherever she goes.

Just like you, Leo woman.

So if you are tired of being everyone’s favorite girl on campus or the woman they all clamor around every day, here’s your chance to unleash that bossy, I-don’t-give-an-F side of you this Halloween with this dramatic and spectacular Red Queen costume.

And the best part is, it ticks all the boxes your leonine sensibility is fond of. Namely, standing out from the crowd, being a queen, wearing tons of makeup, and going crazy creative!

23Leo Man: AQUAMAN!

When Jason Momoa (also a Leo) was cast as Aquaman, the whole world went wild. Especially women (including me).

Wanna know why, Leo man? It’s because of his powerful personality, hulking physique, and wild locks of long, curly hair awoke something primal in all of us. And of course, he did. He’s a Leo, after all. And all Leos (including you) are a force of nature to be reckoned with.

So if you want the ladies to go wild on Halloween night after just laying their eyes on you, the all-new DC Aquaman is the costume for you.

22Gemini Woman: The Joker’s Mate

You are an eccentric lady, Gemini woman. And all your friends know it. After all, wasn’t it your idea to watch two movies at the theatre back-to-back the night before your mid-term exams? (Because why waste time studying for an exam when all of you are going to fail anyway?)

That’s why I won’t be surprised if Harley Quinn is already your favorite comic-book character.

She is sweet and sassy at the same time – just like you – and completely bonkers!

Besides, you like the villains more than the heroes, anyway. They are always smarter, after all.

21Gemini Man: Mad As A Hatter

Remember what we said at the beginning of this list? Choose a costume that feels like a second skin, and you will turn heads wherever you go.

Thus, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland is the one for you, Gemini man. Because you are as changeable as the Hatter and just as eccentric and intelligent. Plus, this costume oozes “crazy” from all its pores and gives you the perfect opportunity to try all those funny impersonations you have up your sleeve.

And if your girlfriend is up for it, she can be the Red Queen and hold the shackles binding your hands.

20Virgo Woman: It’s LeviOsa, Not LeviosAA

Harry Potter is never gonna go out of fashion. So if you love the wizarding world as much as we do, you should definitely dress up as Hermione Granger and go around town on Halloween night.

It’s because Hermione’s hypercritical nature, intelligence, and ability to work and study hard fits right into the description box of a trusty Virgo woman like you.

Plus, Hermione’s school-girl outfit is perfectly conservative even as it is recognizable.

And you love that about this costume because you aren’t one for sultry revelations and silly antics.

19Virgo Man: “I Prefer ‘Creative'”

Sarcastic? Check. Has a phenomenal vocabulary and knows a lot of things? Check. Likes to hide that beautifully toned body under grungy clothes but keeps a crown beanie on his head to stand out from the crowd? Double check.

Want more reasons why Jughead is the perfect character for you to emulate this Halloween, Virgo man? (Yup, we said emulate.) Just watch Riverdale (if you haven’t already) and you will have all the answers.

In fact, Jughead can easily pass for an Aquarius too. The only difference is, this boy is grounded in reality and likes to take responsibility for his own life. And that sounds more Virgo to me than Aquarius.

18Cancer Woman: The Dark Matriarch

If you were a kid during the 90s, you know the Addams family and their – let’s call it unconventional – way of living. So why are we suggesting you dress up as Morticia Addams?

It’s because she’s a phenomenal mother, Cancer woman, that’s why!

Just look at her without your traditional eyes. Because when you are an Addams, you see everyone else’s white picket fence and children who draw unicorns as a twisted way of living.

That’s why Morticia Addams is a wonderful mother. After all, she knows how to raise her kids right by letting them play with dangerous tools, discussing their fascination with death, and making sure they eat all their intestines for dinner. Yum!

17Cancer Man: Linguine And Remy

You cannot watch Ratatouille and not get hungry. In fact, you cannot watch it and not want to unleash your inner chef and attack the few tomatoes and potatoes you have lying around in your kitchen.

Well, as a family man who loves to take care of his loved ones, Cancer man, you sure know the value of eating good food and making sure everyone has a full belly at the end of the night. That’s why you would absolutely rock a Linguine costume on Halloween this year.

And if you want to take it to the next level, just attach a toy Remy underneath your chef’s hat and fix a light inside so everyone can see Remy’s silhouette.

16Aries Woman: Rey, The Last Jedi

When you are abandoned on a junk planet like Jakku, you either learn to fend for yourself or you fade out of existence.

No wonder Rey is so headstrong, brave, and optimistic.

So if you want to be a character this Halloween whose personality matches yours through-and-through, Aries woman, we suggest you go the Rey route complete with her three-bunned hairstyle!

Plus, isn’t it great that Rey actually isn’t related to Luke Skywalker and was just an abandoned girl whose parents were nobodies? After all, you believe that anybody can conquer the world. Not just those who are descended from kings.

15Aries Man: Star-Lord, Who?

Aries man, you are the most masculine man of them all. After all, your sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and conquest. But we didn’t want to go the easy route and suggest you dress up like Wolverine or Dirty Harry or even Drax (although you can do that too).

It’s because those characters, while masculine, lack the childlike optimism and fun nature of an Aries. Characteristics that Star-Lord possesses in oodles. Including his slapstick sense of humor and his love for rushing into dangerous territory while listening to his favorite tracks from the 70s.

14Libra Woman: A.K.A Elastigirl

You, Libra woman, might be the epitome of diplomacy and tact, but you are also a die-hard party animal who has a huge social circle. That’s why you are so damn popular!

Considering all that, there’s just one character who fits your Libran profile to the T. And that is Mrs. Incredible, a.k.a Elastigirl.

She is fun and loves racing her bike to catch the bad guys.

But at the end of the day, her first priority is always her husband and children, much like you.

Plus, she looks super fab while doing all of that in her snazzy outfit and her sliced bob hair.

13Libra Man: Who Called For Prince Charming?

You are a real charmer, Libra man. And the ladies love to lap that up, much like Prince Charming from Into The Woods who had the pick of the pie at the grandest ball of the century. In fact, like you, he loves to run after the one who doesn’t act coy around him.

That’s why Cinderella was Prince Charming’s choice. He coveted the girl who ran off right when she had the chance to dance a full dance with him. Unreal!

And the best part about this costume is, it lets you be a villain on the night of Halloween. After all, Prince Charming might look sweet, but he did end up cheating on Cinderella in the movie!

12Scorpio Woman: The Mockingjay

From the perspective of soul astrology, it’s said that souls who choose to be born Scorpio, want to learn resilience in this material plane.

That’s why, all Scorpios (yes, all), have histories of trial under fire.

And there’s no better way of expressing that Phoenix side of you, Scorpio woman, than by dressing up as Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire who just wanted to survive a harsh dystopian future but who, nevertheless, ended up taking the entire government of Panem down.

Just don’t forget the bow and arrow while you are at it!

11Scorpio Man: Wakanda Forever!

Here’s why you should dress up as T’Challa this Halloween, Scorpio man:

First, he was the prince of a powerful nation that hid its real identity from the rest of the world. Second, he had to earn his place on the throne even though he was born a prince. And third, have you seen that sleek and deadly bodysuit of his that all women have been combusting over since the movie came out? Sweet!

Plus, you have got T’Challa’s brooding nature too. So it’s a match made in heaven. Are you sold yet?

10Capricorn Woman: True Love’s Kiss

You hate fairytales, Capricorn woman. They are unrealistic and train people to believe in happy endings when life is always shades of gray.

Well, Maleficent would agree with you. (Not the one in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, but the one portrayed by Angelina Jolie.)

And the best part is, it was the first movie that had the guts to tell moviegoers that meeting someone just once is not the recipe for true love.

In reality, true love is something only a mother understands best.

Plus, Maleficent was a much-loved and respected ruler of her land. And she earned that through action, just like you.

9Capricorn Man: The Destroyer Of Worlds

The man who reaches the top of the food chain cannot be polite and demuring. That’s the recipe for sheep, not a wolf. And you, Capricorn man, are an alpha wolf through-and-through.

Well, we know Halloween doesn’t excite you as much as the kids on the fire and air squad in Astrology, but if you must dress up to join the festivities, you are going to make sure you wear something powerful and intimidating.

Thus, Thanos. After all, he might be the villain, but he was one sharp cookie and a strategic mastermind like you.

Remember the scene where he told Thor he should have aimed for the head?

8Pisces Woman: Of Fred…

The Handmaid’s Tale is not fiction. The story is, but everything mentioned in that book has happened sometime or another in the history of humankind.

Knowing this, is it so hard to understand why you Pisces woman, love to escape into the world of fantasies and make-belief? Harsh realities of this kind can unsettle anyone!

That’s why we selected Offred as a suitable Halloween costume for you.

After all, anyone can be a faerie, a pixie, or even a vampire.

It takes guts to be a fictional character who mirrors reality so closely that she makes us question if we are already living in a dystopian world.

7Pisces Man: “Today’s The Day You’ll Always Remember As The Day You Almost Caught Captain Jack Sparrow!”

Who can forget this classic line? And there are more where that came from.

So if you really want to make a statement this Halloween, Pisces man, we suggest you dress up like the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Carribean fame and go around town on the night of Samhain. After all, you are just as eccentric and creative as Jack Sparrow and just as good at running away from your responsibilities. Remember that ill-advised deal he struck with Davy Jones?

Plus, if you want to impress the ladies, there are enough pirate pick-up lines to help you through the night. Savvy?

6Sagittarius Woman: The One Who Needs No Introduction

She might have started off as a naive Diana of Themyscira, but she evolved into Wonder Woman soon enough. The woman who was willing to take on an army alone if she had to just to rescue some innocent townspeople caught in the crossfire.

And you, Sagittarius woman, ooze that spirit too.

Isn’t that why you are so outspoken and why you jump up to help when you see an injustice happening before your eyes?

Plus, Diana is funny, whether she is intentionally cracking jokes or unintentionally behaving like a goofball. And you are just like that too!

5Sagittarius Man: A Young Professor X

Okay, we admit it. The professor bit was the real reason why we pegged you as Professor X. But you have got to admit that he isn’t just some brainiac professor goofing around in a classroom (although he does plenty of that too).

He’s the leader of the X-Men and a powerful mutant to boot.

Don’t you remember how he trapped Phoenix inside Jean’s head and how he almost killed every mutant on the planet with the help of Cerebro?

Ya. He’s pretty fancy. Just cut out the mind-reading antics those men in the picture are doing. Trust us, it’s got zero swag.

4Aquarius Woman: Silent And Deadly

The picture above has not been photoshopped. It’s the outfit of a cosplayer who attended New York Comic Con in 2016.

No wonder it went viral and was covered by pretty much every news outlet there is. After all, you need a ton of creativity and intelligence to pull off this “Mystique transformation” in broad daylight!

Well, Aquarius woman, you have intelligence and creativity in boatloads.

And so we wouldn’t be surprised if you did an even more creative spin on a classic Mystique this Halloween. Are you up for it?

3Aquarius Man: Neo, The Matrix

If there ever was a movie that has affected every single person who has watched it in some manner or the other, it has to be The Matrix. It’s almost like deep in our souls we can feel that this world isn’t real and we are just trapped in a game.

And you, Aquarius man, have felt it more acutely than any of us. After all, you are a man with a revolutionary mind. And revolutions are always started by thinkers who know there is something fundamentally wrong with society.

That’s why you would feel right at home dressed as Neo on Halloween.

2Taurus Woman: Princess Jasmine And Her Pet Tiger

Well, how can this be a Halloween costume ideas list and not include a Disney princess? So here she is at last.

And rightfully so because you, Taurus woman, are the perfect person to emulate Princess Jasmine. After all, she is really beautiful, earthily sensual, and extremely stubborn.

But then again, she is a princess. And all princesses are stubborn.

Just make sure you get a good wig. Because Jasmine isn’t Jasmine if her hair and eyes are not right! In fact, if you have a pet dog, we suggest you dress it up too as Jasmine’s tiger before you head to town.

1Taurus Man: One More Dumpling

Ah! Po! The lovable panda who failed to train in Kungfu until Master Shifu discovered that trick with the dumplings.

Well, you, Taurus man, are just as adorable as Po is. And just as immovable when it comes to your creature comforts.

So why not dress up in a Kungfu Panda suit this year and express that cute and cuddly panda in your heart? Don’t deny it. You know you love food a touch too much.

And if you are feeling shy, just ask your girlfriend to dress up as Tigress. Not that you are shy or anything. You just don’t like doing crazy things that cost a lot of money!

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