• January 13, 2018

Here’s How Each Zodiac Signs Reacts Right After They Get Dumped 

The summer romances are on their way out as that cold weather starts creeping in. While winter might be the best time to get cozy with a special someone, there’s always a few folks that are left nursing heartbreak along with their hot chocolate. It’s not that the summer fling was a bad choice; it’s just not the kind of perennial that makes it through until next summer. No matter how casual it might have been, breakups still hurt. No one is immune to their sting, even if they’ve been telling themselves it’s not forever from the start. Luckily, there are ways to heal.

We believe in the power of time to heal our wounds. Not everyone is like that though, and no one wants to hear “just give it time” if their heartbreak is still fresh. We all have different ways of coping. Each sign reacts very differently when they get their heart broken. Some will rage and cry and call a friend while other will calmly and quietly process alone. All those coping methods are valid when it comes to healing a heart. We’re here to offer a little help when it comes to processing. These are the ways each sign reacts after getting dumped, as well as some advice about the best way to support them.

24Leo Women: They Try To Jump Back On The Horse

Leo women are bold and beautiful, as well as extremely brave. They might be a little heartbroken, but their determination to succeed means they aren’t afraid to try and try again. The Leo woman tends to try restarting the relationship. She might fall into the break-up-make-up routine before actually accepting that it’s over. It’s not the end of the world, though.

Before we know it, she’s climbing back on the dating horse and looking for her next beau.

It’s worth checking in with her to make sure she’s not just getting sucked into a rebound, though. Rebounds don’t always help the healing.

23Leo Men: They Run Full-Speed Towards The Next Opportunity

In a similar fashion to the Leo woman, Leo men tend to want to move on to the next thing right away. Their Fire qualities mean they’re always ready to work, jumping at a chance to prove themselves the best or brightest. They’re the ones who are eager to get back into the dating zone. They’re suckers for passion and are easily attracted to people who have a similar zest for life that the Leo man carries. Again, good friends will want to check in with him after a break up to make sure he’s not running faster than his legs can handle. The Leo man tends to rush, which could end in some too-much-all-at-once relationships.

22Sagittarius Women: They Phone A Friend To Talk Over The Trauma

Sagittarius women are feisty. They don’t let things get them down, as they understand that change is a part of life. For the Sagittarius woman who’s dealing with hurt, though, she might not be equipped to handle the change all on her own.

Sagittarius folk feel emotions quite intensely.

They can even get overpowered by them, despite the fact that they love living life to its emotional fullest. Phoning a friend is the easiest way for them to work through the pain of heartbreak. Friends of Sagittarius women, don’t be afraid to reach out. She really does want to talk, even if she’s not sure what to say.

21Sagittarius Men: They Live And Let Live (Even If They’re Hurting)

Sagittarius men are probably the only sign that isn’t going to go through the denial stage during a breakup. Everyone loves Sagittarius men because they’re naturally quite gregarious. They’re charismatic and love to chat. They’re also some of the most easy-going signs out there. Live and let live is a great motto for the Sagittarius. It’s one that he abides by even in the midst of heartbreak. He understands that life happens. Things change, people change, and relationships end. He might be heartbroken, but he’s not going to try and fight the breakup. Supporting him through this tough time is easy: let him talk when he needs to talk, and give him the processing space he needs.

20Gemini Women: They Bounce Between Crying On The Couch And Angrily Pacing

Ah, Gemini. She tends to live by her whims and fancies, working tirelessly towards achieving the things she wants (even if those things change the next day). All that passion and indecision wraps up into one ball of uncontainable energy.

After a breakup, the Gemini woman is going to feel many, many things.

She’s likely going to bounce between crying, ranting, angrily pacing, and defeatedly flopping on the couch. The best way to help her? Aim for a distraction. Take her shopping, hiking, or even just for a walk. Burning off some energy will help her work through the raw emotions so she’s able to better process the situation.

19Gemini Men: They Tend To Retreat Into Themselves For A While

Gemini men are usually a little more outgoing than some of the other signs. They’re creative thinkers and like to forge genuine connections with people. They don’t let disappointment weigh them down, as they know that another opportunity will always come along. Maybe this is why they handle breakups so well. Gemini men don’t tend to rant or cry, though it’s definitely possible for them to do. They process things inside of themselves and work through their emotions in an individual way. Friends would do well to support them by listening to what he needs and extending a kind word every once in a while. Knowing he has a support system is a comfort.

18Aquarius Women: They Plan A Solo Adventure To Reconnect With Themselves

The creative brain almost always finds a way to turn pain into art (or at the very least, inspiration). Aquarius women are naturally out-of-the-box thinkers and are very connected to themselves. Getting too wrapped up with someone else can result in a painful extraction when it’s time to breakup.

That’s why many Aquarius women will opt to do something in order to reconnect to themselves.

Solo adventures, whether it’s a road trip to the next town over or a reading day at the beach will help them find themselves. Friends know that that’s what the Aquarius woman needs. Asking if she wants company is never a bad idea, though.

17Aquarius Men: They Will Write A Song About It

Remember when we mentioned the creative aspect of the Aquarius sign? It translates to breakups as well. Aquarius men tend to deal with breakups creatively. They like visceral expressions of emotions, as they feel things so deeply Even if they’re not musicians they usually opt to listen and embrace music that’s related to their current heartbreak struggle. The best way to support them might seem silly, but it really does help. Send them a song that’s helped with a personal breakup before, or send them some music that might help validate their feelings. That’s the best way to get them feeling supported.

16Cancer Women: They Tend To Emotionally Fall Down And Feel Insecure For A While

Cancer women don’t do anything halfway. While they might take a while to get comfortable and to build up trust, once they’ve let someone into their heart they’re in for life. That is unless they break that heart. A broken heart for a Cancer woman is synonymous with hurt, mistrust, and guilt. They tend to internalize the pain and get knocked off balance by it for a while.

They’ll usually feel insecure, not being able to shake the idea that it’s something they said or did that prompted the breakup.

Friends, don’t let that insecurity fester. Keep assuring the Cancer woman that the breakup isn’t her fault.

15Cancer Men: They Don’t Always Want To Talk About It, Preferring To Work Through Things Alone

In a similar way to the Gemini man, the Cancer man isn’t necessarily an external processor. Cancer men are very private creatures and don’t open their hearts up to just anyone. They need to work through things on the inside before letting people see it on the outside. Don’t push the Cancer man to talk about how he’s doing. He’ll open up when he’s ready. Asking how he’s feeling too many times could feel like pressure, which won’t help him work through the pain any faster. In fact, it might make him close off even more! Let him come to your compassionate, waiting, open-arms when he’s ready.

14Pisces Women: They Dive Into Their Fantasies (And Their Cozy Beds)

Pisces women are some of the most romantic signs. The like to love and be loved, and will stop at nothing to make their wildest passions a reality. They love love, which is why it tends to hurt so much when the love falls apart.

As a sign that likes to live chasing their dreams, they’ll usually slip into fantasies to protect themselves from feeling the full force of the pain.

They spin the situation into something they can handle, making it easier for them to confront how they’re feeling. Often this is paired with climbing into their cozy beds, where they can escape from the world for a while.

13Pisces Men: They Tend To Blame Themselves For The Breakup

Pisces are romantic, but they’re also very focused on the self. Make no mistake, that doesn’t mean they’re self-centered. They’re just very in tune with their feelings, as well as who they are as people. When something comes along that knocks them down, though, those insecurities can cause a bit of a blame game to be played. They tend to blame themselves for things going wrong when there’s no reason to. Friends, be sure to reassure the Pisces man. Keep reminding him of his favorite movies, tv shows, and music, and remind him of all the good things he’s been a part of.

12Capricorn Women: They Often Are The Breaker-Uppers

Capricorn women might have a small window of grief, but generally, the mood is “move over man, I’m getting tired of this”. Don’t get us wrong: Capricorn women aren’t insensitive. They really do care about the people they let close. However, they’re also not about to compromise their needs.

Capricorn women are on their own path, and if something isn’t working they’re not afraid to shake things up.

While they might not be incredibly upset on the outside about the breakup, make sure they’re going easy on themselves for a while. Losing someone is hard, even if we’re the ones who did the breaking.

11Capricorn Men: They Will Reach Out A Few Times Before Finally Feeling Like It’s Over

Capricorn men, like Capricorn women, won’t hesitate to change things that aren’t working anymore. Capricorns are very goal oriented, but they do like to play things safe. They’re the ones who’ll bring an extra pair of socks with them when the weather forecast calls for 40% chance of rain. Due to this careful Capricorn sensibility, they might not believe when a partner says it’s over. Oftentimes the Capricorn man will need to reach out once or twice just to confirm that this is the best (and real) choice. We can’t blame them; it can be hard to believe when a relationship ends. Let them do what they need to do, but reign them in when they start asking a few too many questions.

10Taurus Women: They Might Want To Simmer, But Really Should Focus On Self-Care

Taurus women don’t do anything they don’t want to do. They’re some of the most confident of the signs, but only because they truly do march to their own beat.

Taurus women are always easy-going, except when something makes them angry.

Displeasing a Taurus woman means being on the receiving end of their simmering feelings. Needless to say, after a breakup, the Taurus woman is prone to simmering for a while. Make sure that she’s still focusing on self-care, though, as that tends to get neglected when a Taurus woman gets angry. And we all know that self-care can sometimes be the key to moving on.

9Taurus Men: They Take It In And Begrudgingly Move On

Taurus men are strong, quiet, and just as hardworking as they are laid back. They never really fight very hard, unless it’s something that strikes them at their core. Unless the relationship was an incredibly important one, it’s likely that the Taurus man is going to let it roll off his back. He’s not one to hold onto pain for too long, as he’s more of an in-the-moment man. While he might be upset, he’s not going to be overly angry or resentful. If anything he’s going to go right back to whatever he was doing before the relationship even started!

8Scorpio Women: They Have An Explosive Side, Which Might Come Out If They Get Angry About The Breakup

When we’re talking about a post-breakup reaction, we’re usually talking a couple hours after the conversation… Not the minute the conversation ends. Scorpio women don’t have the luxury though, as their emotions tend to explode whenever they get too heated.

It’s just because of how much passion they have inside of them. They can’t help but have it burst!

This means that their reaction to getting dumped is pretty instantaneous. She’s either going to be ecstatic that the relationship is finally over, or crushed that such a good thing is coming to an end. Friends, get ready for a couple long phone calls after a Scorpio’s been broken up with. She needs to rant, and she needs to rant NOW!

7Scorpio Men: They Often Feel Blindsided, Bringing Distrust Into Their Next Relationship

Scorpio men are in a similar boat to Scorpio women. They tend to keep their poker faces on until the emotions bubble over, making it similar in results to a small explosion. That’s not how every Scorpio reacts to a breakup, though. Sometimes they’re just plain shocked. That shock is often paired with a break in trust, which can be hard to shake for the Scorpio. Believe it or not, Scorpios are actually sensitive creatures. They tend to carry the broken trust of a heartbreak into their next relationship, which can make it hard for both them and their new partner! As a friend, don’t be afraid to call them out when they’re getting worried for no reason. Trust takes support (and time) to build.

6Aries Women: They Pull A Khloe Kardashian And Do The Self-Improvement Stuff

Aries women are some of the most hardworking people out there. It’s almost impossible to get an Aries to take a break, even if they’re exhausted. They’ll either keep going until their goal is achieved, or they’ll abandon ship when a better goal comes along. When a breakup storm hits, they weather it by being their strong and determined selves.

They embrace the cold air and go for a run, rather than hunkering down in their PJs and blankets.

Aries women are all about self-improvement, and they tend to double down on it after a breakup. Friends, feel free to take a step back for this one. An Aries woman will emerge like a triumphant butterfly: in her own time.

5Aries Men: They Take On A New Challenge, Of Course!

Aries men are confident. While they’re not as ego-fuelled as a Leo man, the Aries man still has a certain charisma that exudes confidence. He’s not going to let himself be knocked down by a little breakup! At least, that’s what he tells himself. Whether he admits it or not getting dumped usually does shake his confidence a little. All of a sudden he’s motivated to try and prove himself in a new way. He’ll take on a new challenge, whether it’s running a marathon or recording that album he’s had on the back burner for ages; whatever project will let him reaffirm his confidence. That’s what the Aries man will do after a breakup.

4Libra Women: They Won’t Hesitate To Call Their Mom (Or Dad)

Libra women are sensitive, but we wouldn’t guess that just from looking at them. These ladies are all about being balanced. They know when to turn on their get-it-done faces, and when to relax back into a more easygoing atmosphere.

They’re also all about having a fair trial, which doesn’t always happen during a breakup conversation.

Like any good kid, when the Libra woman has things that are left unsaid she won’t hesitate to say it to her mom and/or dad. Talking things out is the preferred processing method of the Libra, but not being an easy truster makes it hard to confide in people. Parents to the rescue, in this case.

3Libra Men: They Like To Distract Themselves With Music, Movies, And Other Media

Libras need to balance the real world with a healthy dose of escapism. Whether it’s through watching movies, viewing art, or rocking out to their favorite album, the distraction makes it easier for middle-of-the-road Libra to stay balanced. After a negative event like a breakup, it’s only natural for the Libra to want to try and balance out his sadness or hurt with even more escapism or distractions. This isn’t unhealthy; it’s a part of healing. Make sure he’s not just escaping on his own, though. Hosting a movie night is a good way to keep the Libra social, while still keeping the pressure light.

2Virgo Women: They Rationally Talk It Out With Their Ex

Virgo women are definitely one of the most rational signs we’ve seen. Not only are they calm, cool, and collected, but they tend to be incredibly intelligent. While they’re definitely more on the logical side rather than the emotionally-tuned-in side, they’re no strangers to heavy emotions.

Complex brains have complex thoughts, which is why it’s nice to talk everything out after a relationship has come to a close.

Virgo women won’t resist a breakup, but they won’t let it happen without a few questions. Rationally talking it out makes it easy for both parties to get closure. At the end of the day, that’s something only a thorough conversation will achieve for the Virgo.

1Virgo Men: They Write Out Their Feelings

The Virgo man is a sensitive one, even if he likes to think and talk rationally (without any sentiment). He processes things through the logic of them, without getting overpowered by too many of his emotions. Why? Well, the Virgo man is very methodical. He’s figured out how to deal with any overpowering emotions first before getting into any actual processing. Oftentimes this is done through him writing out (or even confiding in a close friend) all of his anger and pain towards his ex. This frees him up to process his own feelings in a healthy, realistic way. If only we were all like the Virgo man, huh? Out of all the reactions, this one doesn’t seem too bad.

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