• January 13, 2018

Here’s Each Zodiac Sign’s Monthly Love For October 

If the workaholic energy of September has left you gasping for some air, the good news is, October is here and it’s Libra season at last!

So what exactly can we expect from October? Well, with Libra ruling most of this month and Scorpio bringing up the rear, you can expect some serious stuff to go down in your love life this time around. After all, Libra is all about committed relationships, playing fair, and partying it up till dawn. And while Scorpio may not be into partying as much, it definitely wants a soul-mate bond too!

So without further ado, here’s what will happen in the love lives of each Astrological sign (both his and hers) in the month of October.

But before we dive in, let’s do a quick ritual to call in some good luck.

All you have to do is close your eyes, take in three deep breaths, and imagine how you want your love life to be by the end of October. Then clap your hands once, open your eyes, and read the entry corresponding to your sun sign.

Ready to find out what destiny has in store for you? Let’s go.

24Taurus Woman: Love Or Infatuation?

Are you losing sleep over this romance, Taurus woman? Did he swoop into your life like a whirlwind and upset your careful routine and relaxed stance? Is he all you can think about 24/7?

If you said yes to all three, we are not surprised.

With the Devil on the table, it seems like you are avoiding the truth in this situation. And it is: you are not really in love with him. It’s just a case of obsessive infatuation that was doomed from day one.

Having said that, will it be difficult to break out of this obsession? Definitely. But can it be done by the end of this month? Yes, it can.

23Taurus Man: You Are Due For Some Good Fortune

Well, what do you know? Seems like you are in for some good fortune this month, Taurus man. And with the 6 of Pentacles on the table, it will come in right when you need it the most.

But then again, you have always known your girl was your lucky charm. So now it’s time to enjoy the financial rewards that are coming your way through this blessed connection.

Wondering who’s going to spare the cash? It will most likely be an elder from your own clan or your partner’s. Or it could be an elderly investor. The keyword being elderly.

22Cancer Woman: That Dreamy-Eyed Boy…

He really is dreamy, isn’t he, Cancer woman? With those deep pools of sadness staring out at the world? And then there’s that artistic bend that guarantees he would write love letters for you and serenade you under the moonlight…

Sorry to break it to you, honey, but the Prince of Cups is telling us that this boy’s more likely a nightmare machine than the prince of your dreams.

What else can you expect when you fall for someone whose heart is crying for another?

So give this rebound case a wide berth if you don’t want to be heartbroken.

21Cancer Man: Wedding Bells Are A-Ringing!

She is the one for you, Cancer man. And now that you know it with all your heart, you cannot believe your luck one bit!

Well, the good news is, you are a smart cookie. And so you plan to put a ring on her finger before someone else can sweep her off her feet before your eyes. Not that that’s going to happen. But you never know.

That’s the message of the World for you this month. Your love life is coming a full circle and you are just on the verge of being complete.

20Virgo Woman: I Wish, I Wish, With All My Heart

If wishes were dollars, you would be a millionaire by now, Virgo woman. But they aren’t dollars. And neither are they realistic usually.

So if you are single at the moment and have the image of your perfect partner in your mind, the 7 of Cups advises you to reevaluate that mental image.

Because what if your wishes are unrealistic? What if a guy like that doesn’t exist?

And if you are in a relationship, the same applies to you too. Are you seeing your partner for who he really is or are you trying to force him to change into someone he is not?

19Virgo Man: A New Relationship Is In The Cards

If you have been single for a long time now, Virgo man, it’s perfectly normal to panic at the very thought of talking to your crush or asking her out. But in life, good things only come to those who are willing to make an effort.

That’s the message of the Fool for you. Take a leap of faith and let this girl know how you feel about her. Because while there’s a distinct possibility of being sent back, your gut knows she likes you too.

So take the plunge and ask her out. You will seriously regret it later if you don’t!

18Aries Woman: Defeated In Love

Aries woman, we have bad news for you. With the 10 of Swords on the table, it seems like this month will not be a happy one for your love life.

In fact, the chances of drastic upheavals are so strong that we strongly caution you to keep your temper under check and not give in to your impulses.

Because if you don’t do this, there’s a good possibility that you will end up driving away the person you love with all your heart.

But have faith because the 10 of Swords is also a card of hope. After all, the wrong guy has to leave to make way for the right one.

17Aries Man: Ugh, These Emotions Are Confusing!

You are a doer, Aries man. Not a thinker. That’s why your approach in love is to follow the fair lady and break down her defenses with your lovable antics until she finally gives in and agrees to go on a date with you.

Well, this month is going to be a bummer if that’s your strategy.

With the Moon on the table, it seems like you have fallen for someone who won’t be persuaded so easily. In fact, she might even have told you outright that she will never be interested in you.

The Tarot’s advice: don’t let your emotions cloud your mind. There’s no harm in moving on and starting afresh.

16Libra Woman: Be His Friend First

October is your month, Libra. But with your ruling planet Venus going backward in the sky right now, your love life won’t flourish like the other areas of your life. That’s the message of the 6 of Cups.

So instead of getting anxious and amping up your efforts with this guy you have a crush on, take it a little slow this month and just get to know him as a friend first.

After all, the best romances are those that start from friendship.

And while you are at it, remember this: friendship is a two-way street. So give him a chance to make an effort too.

15Libra Man: The Ladies Have Their Eyes On You!

With Venus as your ruling planet, Libra man, you definitely are quite easy to look at. And when you pair those dashing smiles with your innate charm and genteel behavior, is it hard to understand why the ladies flock to you by the droves?

Well, no one has ever refused more good news, and so here it is. This month, with the Star card on the table for you, don’t be surprised if your popularity with the ladies goes up a few more notches.

It could happen after they find out you love babies or because you helped an old woman cross the road in broad daylight, but this month you will find it difficult to get some quiet time for yourself. Not that you mind it really!

14Sagittarius Woman: Bitten By The Travel Bug

You are the happiest when you are traveling, Sagittarius woman. It’s the perfect way for you to engage both your love for the outdoors and your love for learning new things.

Well, with the 3 of Wands on the table, don’t be surprised if sudden plans send you exploring places you never thought you would be exploring in October.

But then, that’s how life rolls, and you are cool with it.

Just remember to pack some date clothes before you go. Because you never know who you might meet during one of your detours…

13Sagittarius Man: Sir Fights-A-Lot!

You don’t like fighting with your partner, Sagittarius. A simple, easy-going life is more up your stream. But tell that to the universe!

Because with the Prince of Swords on the table, it seems like someone is really going to step on your toes this month and that will infuriate you to no end. And once the centaur in you has been woken, there’s no escaping the bitter arrows of truth.

Just remember: words once spoken can never be taken back. So make sure you aren’t spicing up those barbs with your prejudices.

12Capricorn Woman: A Sneaky Approach

You want to talk to him, Capricorn woman. In fact, you dream of taking him out to this nice high-end restaurant where they serve the world’s best lobster. But you will be damned if you make the first move!

Well, that’s what wing women are for.

And with the 7 of Swords on the table, it seems like the ones in your troop are pretty adept at piquing other people’s interest in you.

So what are you waiting for? Call in the favors before someone else swoops him away from underneath your nose!

11Capricorn Man: The Last Word

You are many things, Capricorn man, but you are not a subordinate. Not in your family and definitely not in this relationship.

Just remember, there’s a difference between being the alpha who leads his partner to a good life and being a bully who just wants what’s best for him at the expense of his partner’s well-being. That’s the message of the King of Wands.

So the next time you feel like getting the last word in the argument, remember that true power couples are formed by equals, not a dom and a sub.

10Pisces Woman: The Magic Is In You

You believe in the law of attraction, Pisces woman. You believe that the Universe responds to your wishes and efforts when you want an outcome with all your heart.

Well, with the Magician on the table, everyone else is going to believe it too when you manifest your ideal partner out of thin air this month.

Or at least start something with a guy you feel is the one.

Not that he appeared out of thin air. The truth is, you have put in a lot of effort to improve yourself over these years and so the Universe had to respond to you!

9Pisces Man: The Winner Is…

Pisces man, if you have been subtly working your way into the heart of your crush for some time now, here’s some good news. This month you are finally going to get a favorable answer. You got the 6 of Wands, after all.

Just make sure you don’t celebrate before this actually happens because most people end up failing due to that.

So keep your head in the game and keep doing what you have been up to. And by the end of the month, something really awesome is going to happen in your love life!

8Leo Woman: The Wheel Of Fortune Is Turning

Do you believe in fate, Leo woman? Well, destiny’s wheels never stop churning whether you believe in it or not. And it seems like you are about to hit another major life moment soon.

That’s the message of the Wheel of Fortune.

You are in for some good luck this month in your love life.

And if you don’t feel that way, things are going to change soon enough. You just have to be patient.

Also, while we are at it, make sure you don’t resist what comes up because what may seem like a run of bad luck is mostly just a blessing in disguise.

7Leo Man: Compromise Is Key

You live for romance, Leo man. But every romance has its ups and downs. It’s the natural outcome of being an imperfect human. Neither you nor she can help it.

Plus, you have to remember that no one is 100% alike, however much they might seem so in the beginning.

So this month, with the Temperance card on the table for you, you will finally learn how to mix and merge two different people in a harmonious relationship of happy compromises. And that will be a landmark moment in your relationship.

6Aquarius Woman: I Don’t Need Anyone

If someone else said these words, we would say they were putting on a brave face for the world. But we aren’t talking about someone else. We are talking about you, Aquarius woman.

And if you are anything, you are the epitome of self-sufficient swag.

That’s the message of the 9 of Pentacles for you. So if you are feeling low or underconfident right now, just look at your accomplishments and you will snap out of this peer-pressure-induced desire for a partner and realize that you have never really felt the need to have one anyway!

5Aquarius Man: No, It’s Not Funny

You may say you do not believe in Tarot, but the fact that you are reading this belies those claims. That’s why, what you are going to read next, Aquarius man, is going to be devastating for you.

Your love life is going to explode into smithereens this month. There we said it! And with the Tower on the table, there is no way you can prevent this.

Why? Because when you build a relationship on shaky foundations, it is guaranteed to collapse sooner or later. Just be thankful it happened now because a lot of people waste their entire lives in the wrong relationship!

4Scorpio Woman: Missed Opportunities

Whether your heart was broken recently or a while ago, you are still in mourning mood, Scorpio woman. You really thought he was the one!

Well, you have to find a way to snap out of this self-imposed prison because every minute you waste in isolation is a minute you could have been dating someone better. That’s the message of the 4 of Cups for you.

So let this October be your breakout season.

Now go and say yes to that date. You may or may not like the new guy, but the outing will benefit you, nevertheless.

3Scorpio Man: Patience Is Key

You fight to win, Scorpio. And right now you are not in the mood to lose out to some guy who just popped into the scene and is vying for your girl’s attention too. Because she is yours, whether she knows it or not.

Well, the 9 of Wands is cautioning you to be patient. Getting angry and acting rashly will not help you right now. Instead, just wait for the other party to reveal their hand first.

That way you will know exactly what to do to sweep her off from under his nose. Sounds devious? Exactly.

2Gemini Woman: Time For Action

Whoever said you should let the guy make the first move would probably never get along with you, Gemini woman. After all, you would rather bet your chances on your ability to strike up a conversation with just about anybody on this planet than wait around for him to do the honors first.

And that’s the message of the Prince of Wands for you.

Don’t wait for him to pluck up the courage to ask you out. Find an excuse to talk to him, and then nonchalantly tell him you are going for a movie later that week. If he says he wants to see it too, ask him to join you.

1Gemini Man: Lay Down The Foundation First

The Tarot card that has come up for you this week, Gemini man, is the 2 of Wands. And like all two’s in the Tarot deck, this one is asking you to be flexible. Only this time, it’s regarding that passionate nature of yours.

So if you really want her to say yes, don’t pop out of unlikely places and try to strike up a conversation with her. That will just weird her out and drop your chances of success.

Instead, use that brilliant mind of yours and strategize a game plan first.

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