• January 13, 2018

25 Zodiac Sign Combos That Are So Compatible 

Before finding a partner, we all want to know the compatibility ratio especially if we desire a long future. A high score is the best bet as if the relationship is in sync it’ll most likely be a good fit, and you may have found your other half. Astrology can indicate which signs would be better suited and why it’s an ideal coupling, so it’s definitely the best method of research.

If you’ve just met someone and want to know if there’s a future, ask them for their sign as it can give you an indication if you’re compatible or not. Even if you haven’t met anyone, research can still be done as the internet is filled with information about the best matches – couples with the exact same sign, exact opposites, and matching elements. Read on for more info about the best compatible signs, and you may just meet your perfect partner and have a long-lasting relationship.

25Couples With The Same Sign Are Well Matched

It’s odd that matching star signs are compatible, but according to Insider, it’s the most obvious partnership. Couples with the same sign are ideal as they both have the same qualities and have self-acceptance. If you have the same sign as your partner, you’ll be less embarrassed as you have similar traits and won’t hide quirky habits. Your partner most likely will have the same quirks. The best thing is you already know each other’s good and bad qualities.

24Opposites Attract

As the saying goes, opposites really do attract, and according to experts, opposite signs are also compatible when it comes to relationships. Your partner’s sign must be directly across from yours on the vector, though. It’ll be compatible as the romantic pairing is strong. Astrology expert, Ophira said, “You can be polar opposites who want to kill each other or you can be the yin to each others’ yang.” It can be a compelling match as you will learn more about yourself.

23Taurus And Cancer: True Love

The soulmate concept is hard to imagine but the Crab and the Bull are a right combination. They have the same interests and nurturing tendencies. Cancer is emotional and Taurus love to spoil their partners which makes a great connection. There’ll be no argument about date nights as both signs are domestic and prefer spending a quiet night at home. Taurus and Cancer share the same family orientated values which is ideal for couples who are making plans for the future.

22Matching Elements Are Suitable

All twelve signs have an element – Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. The best solution relationship wise is to match your partner’s element. The Water element consists of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pieces. Air is Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the Earth element, and the Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Matching elements will make the relationship more easy going and familiar. The relationship will be comfortable but couples will need to work hard to ensure it doesn’t get too dull.

21Cancer And Scorpio: Match Made In Heaven

Even with different personalities, two signs can still effectively counterpart one another. Cancer and Scorpio are seen as one of the best matching signs since they understand each other wholeheartedly and know what the relationship needs. Both signs focus on strength. Therefore, it balances weaknesses. They also have a lot in common and want to keep the relationship alive and healthy. There’ll be hardly any drama since Cancer and Scorpio are both emotional and intense so couples will have equal energy.

20Two Signs Apart Can Work

Couples who are two signs apart will find that the relationship is easier to maintain as your signs will always be compatible. The reason why it’s fitting is due to opposite elements. Couples will have similar values and ideas about specific topics, such as raising a family and making decisions. You’ll need to keep the spark alight as friendship and communication are the main aspects of the relationship and you could end up in the buddy zone. Keep the romance alive with scheduled date nights.

19Form An Intense Bond

A five sign apart can work two ways – couples can have a strong relationship because of an intense bond or the relationship won’t work because couples don’t let it grow. According to Mbg relationships, the match is intriguing as the coupling is odd but somehow it works. The relationship can develop into an intense bond and people will question how they’re making it work. The only problem is differences and to solve this team up and work together with your strengths.

18Libra And Pisces: Strong Loyalty

The Scales and the Fish signs are one of the most compatible because both are level headed. Both signs can help nurture each other as Pisceans tend to live in a fantasy and Librans can help balance it out by bringing them back to reality. Relationships can consist of two things – love and friendship. Luckily, Libra and Pisces form great friendships and the relationship can last for a long time. There’ll hardly be any drama as both signs don’t like conflict.

17Become A Power Couple

Couples that are three signs apart can clash but it can also be compelling. The relationship won’t get boring as there’ll be a lot of dynamic tension which will make the duo active. Both of you will be stubborn and have clashing personalities but with hard work, conflicts can be resolved. You’ll both be strong-willed but eventually compromise can be reached. According to Ophira, there’ll be fighting but due to the tension, they won’t be able to resist each other.

16Virgo And Capricorn: Smart Relationship

Couples that have the same traits are essential as it would make them the perfect team. Virgo and Capricorn are ambitious and conservative in their personal lives which is excellent as interests are in sync. The relationship will be stable as emotions and impulses won’t take over a realistic lifestyle. Virgoans admire Capricorn’s devotion and a Capricorn appreciates Virgo’s insight to detail. They’re both Earth signs which means the couple will work together to achieve their goals. The relationship won’t go sour as they’re both dedicated.

15Matching Planets

The cosmos is a big part of astrology as astrologers often talk about sun alignment and the different planet placements. Each sign has a planet and to be compatible both signs need to have a matching planet. The most important placement is Venus as the planet is known for representing love and romance. Taurus and Libra are governed by Venus and it’ll be a good match as the couple will know what their partner wants in a relationship and how to make each other happy.

14Sagittarius And Gemini: Most Dynamic Match

This match is known as one of the most compelling combinations of the signs as both signs are inverted and people who are born in these months are natural wanderers. When linked together the couple will be the most creative and fun-loving duo. Gemini’s are known as social butterflies and need to be entertained with constant adventures and communication. Sagittarians are always ready for an adventure and love storytelling. Therefore both signs will live life to the fullest and it’ll never be a dull moment.

13Leo And Aries: Fiery Personality

Aries is the first sign of the astrology signs and people born in this month are known for their fiery energy, impulsiveness, and fierceness. It’s a vibrant sign and for a compatible pairing, you need to match the vibrant energy. Leo is the best match because it’s also a Fire sign like Aries. Leos are full of energy, they are charismatic and passionate. Couples with these two signs will increase creative energy. The relationship will maintain it’s energy and couples won’t get bored quickly.

12Scorpio And Taurus: Transformation Qualities

The Bull and the Scorpion are represented by autumn and spring which is associated with transformation. Taurus and Scorpio are also inverted therefore couples will share values such as change and regeneration. People who are born in the Taurus months are known for their appreciation for the finer things in life and they’re typically quite romantic. Scorpians are very passionate about life and in a relationship, they’re very dedicated. Taureans are a lot calmer than Scorpions so when matched the two signs complement one another.

11Cancer And Pisces: Telepathic Abilities

The two signs are Water signs, and their symbols are sea creatures. Cancer is ruled by the moon and people born in the Cancer alignment are sensitive. They’ll only reveal their vulnerabilities when they have loyalty. Pisces and Cancer is an excellent match as Pisceans can identify auras and non-verbal expressions. Cancerians will be able to trust due to strong communication and they’ll both have similar intuition. It will be emotionally rewarding in a relationship as both signs will benefit from support.

10Libra And Aries: Interesting Partnership

Usually, star signs that have the same element are the best for compatible reasons but sometimes signs with different elements can be a match. Aries is a Fire sign and Libra is Air but when a relationship develops between the two, it somehow works. Aries are very passionate people and Libras are charming. When the two have a relationship, they counterbalance by supporting each other’s best qualities. Passion and charming do go well together and Librans do like balance, hence the scale symbol.

9Capricorn And Virgo: Organization And Security

Capricorns are ambitious and they like structure and security in every aspect of their lives. They also want to make solid foundations in their home life, career, and love. Virgo is a good combo for Capricorn as they’re both Earth signs and Virgoans complement Capricorneans. Virgoans are organized and logical which counterparts Capricorn need for order. They’re a perfect match as Virgoans like to make lists and Capricorneans work hard for structure. The lists can help organize a stable lifestyle and both signs will live in harmony. 

8Aquarius And Gemini: High-Level Thinking

Air signs enjoy thinking to the max and like egalitarian-minded work as it challenges them. Aquarians are humanitarians and have a strong work ethic. Therefore, they need someone who has the same qualities and motivations. Geminians are intellectual which is perfect for Aquarians as couples will challenge each other. Aquarians, appreciate the way Geminians express their intellectualism which is usually clever wit. Aquarians visions make Geminians explore more and perform better and both signs enjoy the counterbalance of energy and knowledge.

7Sagittarius And Leo: Passionate Relationship

A similar star sign is always good as people from that sign are most like-minded, and they balance each other out. Sagittarius and Leo are both fiery star signs as their elements are Fire and when linked together it can be very intense. There are benefits as the partnership will be affectionate, and very creative. The relationship will have fireworks because Sagittarians and Leos thrive on fun and living life. The good thing is couples will have mutual respect and admiration.

6Virgo And Pisces: Healthy Relationship

As mentioned before, opposite signs on the vector are compatible relationship wise. Even though they don’t have the same elements, it’ll be a perfect relationship as both signs are generous and will counterpart each other’s kindness. It’s nice to have a strong support system in relationships and Virgoans and Pisceans will always support one another in every aspect. Opposite signs also help balance each other by bringing a quality that the other lacks. Virgoans and Pisceans relationship will be healthy due to adoration.

5Taurus And Libra: Passion For The Arts

Librans admire art and culture and usually are very creative. Taureans also love art therefore when a relationship develops they’ll share similar interests. The relationship can be known as two halves that become whole, so you’ll basically be dating another version of yourself. Taureans and Librans fit well together as they both love courtship and it’s a need for them. They’ll complement each other, for exaomple, a diplomatic Libran will keep a stubborn Taurean calm. Taureans also appreciate Librans charm and Libras enjoy the luxuries that Taurus provide.

4Pisces And Pisces: Perfect Connection

Same signs make a relationship extremely suitable espicially when a star sign is powerful. According to Astrology, Pisces traits consist of emotion and sensitivity and both couples believe in peace and beauty. The bond they share will be emotional and the couple will have a deep connection. No one will really want to leave the relationship as both parties believe it’s the most precious thing in the world. The best thing is there’ll hardly be any arguments as Pisceans hate conflict.

3Scorpio And Capricorn: An Unlikely Match

If you’re ready to settle down and want a long relationship, Scorpio and Capricorn is the best match as Scorpions love to commit when they want to be serious and Capricorneans are always ready for commitment. Capricorneans are understanding which is suitable for Scorpions as they can sometimes be indecisive or need space. Scorpio personality traits change regularly but it’s not a problem as Capricorn aim to fulfill what their partner wants. Scorpions also love to follow and Capricorneans like to lead which balances a relationship.

2Aries And Gemini: Exciting Life

Some signs are more home orientated and others love the adventure of life. It can be tricky if one person prefers a quieter lifestyle and the other just wants to be out all the time. Luckily, Aries and Gemini have adventurous qualities. Therefore, their lives will never be dull. They both have an optimistic outlook on life thus one person won’t be bringing the other down. Aries and Gemini value independence, which is a must as they could not tolerate a needy partner.

1Libra And Scorpio: Strong Partnership

The partnership will be emotionally connected and even though Scorpions tend to get lost, Librans will help them keep balanced and even. They both have similar outlooks about what they want in a relationship which is ideal as no one will be unclear. The best part is there’ll be nothing boring about the relationship as they’re charmers and they both love risks. The relationship won’t just be emotional as both signs like to combine intellect with emotion and can meet any challenge.

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