• January 13, 2018

24 Opposing & Same Sign Combos That Will Either Attract Or Repel Each Other

We have all heard the saying “opposites attract,” but in Astrology, it is honestly a big hit or miss. When you try to date an opposite sign, the relationship will either flourish or it will burst into flames like an overplayed Taylor Swift song. The same thing usually happens when you try to date your own sign.

When you date someone who is the complete opposite of you, the novelty and excitement are strong at the beginning. After a while, though, you realize that you also clash in certain areas and those pose hurdles that need to be jumped over. When you date someone who is the same as you in the personality department, you love the fact that they are so easy to relate to. However, you both might struggle to have your needs fulfilled since your partner imitates you rather than complements you.

In summary, dating someone of your opposite sign or someone who is the same sign is a big feast or famine. It is best to proceed with these astrological pairings with caution, but it’s still worth taking the chance. Here are 24 opposite and same sign pairings that will either attract or repel each other, based on Astrology.

24An Aries And Another Aries Will Repel

This rare pairing of the same sign between an Aries woman and an Aries man will have sparks flying in a combustive clash. With the Aries couple, they are both ruled by Mars, which is the planet of aggression and overt self-expression.

As much as there will be chemistry, there will also be a combative nature between the two signs since they’re wanting to one-up each other.

Though the Aries woman is attracted to supermacho types, the Aries man would prefer an ultra-feminine damsel in distress, which she is definitely not. They are both the types that like to wear the pants in the relationship so that will lead to a lot of fighting and making up.

23An Aries Lady With A Libra Man Will Repel

At first, this attraction will be a bit one-sided as the Libra man is attracted to the tomboyish types and the Aries woman falls into that category seamlessly. He is partial to natural-looking women who don’t put that much thought into their makeup and hair routine in the morning.

The Aries woman will find the Libra guy a bit more sensitive and less rugged, which is the type that she usually goes for. Libra has his own form of masculinity, but she might not have the patience to see past that surface. He is a lover, not a fighter which is what sort of turns her off.

22A Taurus And Another Taurus Will Attract

The sign of the Taurus is one that hangs onto security and the traditional life, which is what will draw these two Venus-ruled signs to one another. The Taurus man can be a bit stingy with his money, which the Taurus lady doesn’t mind.

They both err on the materialistic side, which is a flaw that they can both accept in each other because they see it in themselves.

Though neither one of these two signs likes to make the first move, one of them will have to jump the gun. In most cases, it is usually the Taurus lady. They both have an endearing innocence about them that will make them fall in love with one another.

21A Taurus Lady With A Scorpio Man Will Attract

The Taurus female is a fixed-earth sign that represents the archetype of Eve in the Garden of Eden, while the Scorpio man represents that snake in the grass who tempted Eve. This coupling will make for a spark-filled yet dangerous combination where the Taurus female needs to watch out for corruption.

The Scorpio male is the mysterious, brooding opposite of the doe-eyed Taurean with his mind games that make her melt. Out of all the females, a Taurus likes her men to be men. A Scorpio man can provide a Taurus woman with the financial security that she seeks in a partner.

20A Gemini And Another Gemini Will Repel

A Gemini man’s attention perks up whenever he encounters a fun, flirty lady of his own sign- at least at first. The Gemini lady will come into his life like the perfect counterpart. At the very beginning, they will find each other’s witty banter dazzling and will get sucked into the lively rapport.

Geminis like to date people of a variety, but when it comes to settling down, they need someone that will ground them (even though they don’t want to admit it).

This will most likely turn out to be a fling and not something that has long-term potential.

19A Gemini Man With A Sagittarius Lady Will Repel

The Gemini man and the Sagittarian woman are two of the biggest flirts in Astrology, so that will be fun at first but then provoking later down the road. They will come on strong with one another, which will be attractive but then overwhelming as the relationship progresses.

A Sagittarius woman is demanding and expects to be treated like a queen in her relationships, which is something that the Gemini man is not quite willing to entertain. Though he can be romantic, he doesn’t appreciate the obligation of having to shower her with affection. Though he is willing to shower his woman with flattering attention, he resents those who expect it.

18A Cancer With Another Cancer Will Attract

Though the Cancer man and the Cancer woman are cut from the same cloth, their sign is manifested in completely divergent ways. The Cancer woman wears her emotions directly on her sleeves, while he is reserved with his emotions. She is initially attracted to domineering guys, and he doesn’t give off that impression.

Once they meet each other, it is usually on a friendship-based platonic type of basis that gradually grows into something that is more stable.

Once they both realize who that person really is under the surface, they will see that they are both deep and caring creatures that are quite possibly meant to be.

17A Cancer Lady With A Capricorn Man Will Attract

This pairing will start out with some tension because the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman won’t exactly start out as friends. The Capricorn man isn’t exactly the coziest, which will make it hard for the Cancer lady to establish that emotional connection. She will feel that she will have to work for his affection, which he doesn’t give off very easily. However, once he has it, there is no going back.

The Capricorn man is attracted to submissive women and she can play that role better than some other signs. If she can make him feel like he has the power (even if he doesn’t), then this couple will last a lifetime.

16A Leo With Another Leo Will Attract

The sign of the Leo is a very loving sign with a big heart to match. Although the match between a Leo man and a Leo woman can be volatile, the work that it will take to maintain the relationship will be well worth it in the end.

The Leo man is so self-assured that even the typically confident Leo woman feels a bit insecure in his presence.

Though he is typically attracted to aloof ladies, the girl boss that the Leo lady is will completely throw him off guard. All the Leo woman will have to do is pull back a bit for him to come knocking.

15A Leo Man With An Aquarius Lady Will Repel

The attraction between the Leo guy and the Aquarius girl will be something that is fast-consuming and unforgettable. Right off the bat, there will be a sense of purpose and well-being in one another’s company. His warm and approachable disposition will seem to complement her far-away, distant demeanor… until it doesn’t.

The Aquarius woman is so emotionally distant that her partner will feel far away even if they are separated for a short period of time. At first, this will add fuel to the fire. After a while, he will feel as if he is no longer desired by her and will get frustrated.

14A Virgo With Another Virgo Will Repel

The Virgo man and Virgo woman will be addicted to each other at first but will soon face dysfunction as their relationship unravels before their eyes. Since the sign of the Virgo is the mutable earth sign, they play out a drama of situations and events constantly changing and shifting gears.

Even though both of them are the types that can roll with the punches, they each need someone who will be more unyielding than themselves.

Unfortunately, both of them will put up with so much adversity before they can only make so many self-sacrifices to the point of misery.

13A Virgo Man With A Pisces Lady Will Attract

The match between the Virgo guy and the Pisces girl is like putting every man with every woman- there won’t necessarily be sparks, but there will be compatibility. Where the Virgo is a mutable earth sign, the Pisces is a mutable water sign, meaning that they can take on the characteristics of those around them.

A Pisces girl looks for a mix of different qualities her man, which the Virgo man has an ease of embodying. The Virgo man can be just as creative as he is practical and she will be fascinated by his ability to transform right before her eyes.

12A Libra With Another Libra Will Attract

Out of all the same sign combinations, the Libra guy with the Libra woman has to be the most common. It makes perfect sense because they are both the sign of marriage and relationships.

They both want to appease the other and will put each other before themselves.

The Libra guy is a social charmer with his infectious smile and his intention to entertain everyone on purpose. The Libra woman, on the other hand, likes to be more selective in her social involvement. They both share the same Venusian idealism and will support each other’s dreams, no matter how “out there” they are.

11A Libra Woman With An Aries Man Will Attract

The Aries man and the Libra woman is the classic case of opposites attracting. The Aries guy sees the Libra girl as the lady of his dreams – full of grace, charm, and idealism. The Libra lady will appreciate the Aries man’s straightforward approach and singular sense of purpose.

Though the Libra girl can be somewhat of a feminist, she finds his chivalry old school and refreshing. She is used to dudes treating her like an equal, but the Aries man will open doors for her, spoil her, and sweep her off her feet like they do in the fairytales.

10A Scorpio With Another Scorpio Will Attract

When a Scorpio meets another Scorpio, they quickly realize that they are more alike than most same-sign couples. More often than not, they are in each other’s lives before they decide to get into a relationship, whether as co-workers or as classmates.

The Scorpio girl is the proverbial ice-queen, and the Scorpio guy loves nothing more than to delve below the surface and into the mystery.

They will sit under the stars talking about their goals in life, which often involves making a lot of money no matter how ruthless they have to be. They won’t scare each other off the way that other signs get scared off by them, which is a beautiful thing.

9A Scorpio Lady With A Taurus Man Will Repel

The Scorpio girl likes to dissect her men, finding out what makes them tick. The Taurus man is one of the most obscure signs, so this will not be an easy task for her to carry out.

The Taurus man will feel the Scorpio woman’s presence even before she enters a room, and that attraction for him will become intoxicating. Though he might not make the first move at the beginning, he will feel her out until he works up the courage. At the end of the day, they are both fixed signs meaning that they are stubborn and won’t bend to each other’s will.

8A Sagittarius With Another Sagittarius Will Repel

A Sagittarius with another Sagittarius is probably one of the most high-powered couples in Astrology. The question is, will they be able to keep up with each other?

Ruled by Jupiter, they are a force of nature where there is nothing stopping them or getting in their way.

The Sagittarius woman is blindingly radiant and the Sagittarius man might compete for that spotlight based off of is lofty accomplishments. Since these two signs are so fast-moving, they will both feel like they are out of each other’s incredibly far reach. Sadly, things tend to fizzle out quickly with this starry match.

7A Sagittarius Man With A Gemini Lady Will Attract

The Sagittarius man is immediately attracted to the Gemini woman’s equal parts of innocence and manipulation. He feels that upon meeting her, that there is a woman with an edge that can rival his own.

The Gemini feels that the philosophical Sagittarius is the enlighted creature that she has always been looking for. He likes to live life to the extreme and she is available to be along for the ride. The Sagittarius is willing to accept Gemini’s dual personality where most guys would prefer to run for the hills, which makes her feel special.

6A Capricorn With Another Capricorn Will Repel

The sign of the Capricorn is a closed book unwilling to reveal their emotions to anyone. When the two signs get together, they will look at the practical side of life without allowing anything messy to come into the relationship, until the relationship proves to be only human after all.

Both the Capricorn male and the Capricorn female are all business with nothing standing in their way, even to the point of ruthlessness.

This will not last for the long term, because they both need someone to reel them in and tell them that life isn’t all about materialism after all.

5A Capricorn Lady With A Cancer Man Will Attract

When you think of this type of pairing, think of Kate Middleton (Capricorn) and Prince William (Cancer), the ultimate sign of royalty. Both the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman are traditionalists and will conform to the perfect union to raise a family.

Even at a young age, they know what they want in a relationship and can see each other as responsible candidates for a lifetime of fulfilling marriage. Though they can both be a bit basic, they won’t mind the relative complacency and even boredom that eventually come with being in a long-term relationship.

4An Aquarius With Another Aquarius Will Attract

When you think of an Aquarius getting with another Aquarius, think of two aliens from two planets landing on planet Earth trying to make sense of the human race. That is the pairing of the same sign of Aquarius in a nutshell because they both feel like outsiders looking into the same crystal ball.

This combination between an Aquarius guy and Aquarius gal will definitely start out as a platonic friendship and transcend into something extraterrestrial.

These types are emotionally detached and “out there,” so they will accept each other’s strange and weird qualities without comment or argument.

3An Aquarius Man With A Leo Lady Will Repel

Though the Leo girl isn’t immediately drawn to the Aquarius man, their attraction will grow gradually if they are around each other long enough. At first, she will think that he lacks the fire and intensity that she normally goes for. He will be put off at first by pretty much anything “extra” that strikes her fancy.

The Aquarius is a bit more robotic than most men, and the Leo lady will forever try to get that humanity out of him. Once it comes out, it is game on from there. These two will have a barrel of laughs together because of their punctuated sense of humor.

2A Pisces With Another Pisces Will Attract

When a Pisces guy and a Pisces girl come together, they can both feel like the weight of the world is upon them. They are both self-contained but rely upon the kindness of each other and loved ones in their life. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, delusions, and dreams, the two Pisceans will escape into their own little world. This will allow them to run away from the harshness of the real world.

This coupling should be met with caution, even though the attraction will be at an all-time high.

Pisces is the sign that is most prone to addiction, so they might enable each other’s bad habits.

1A Pisces Man With A Virgo Lady Will Repel

The Pisces guy is someone who likes to put others before himself. The Virgo girl is someone who is always willing to make self-sacrifices for the relationship that she is in. When you have two selfless people in a relationship, you have to ask yourself, who calls the shots?

Since these two are both mutable signs where the Pisces is the element of water and the Virgo the element of earth, it will be like a never-ending mudslide. Neither one of them has much direction since they both tend to follow other’s leads. Though they will appreciate the easy-going nature of one another, neither one of them will take on the domineering role in the relationship.

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