• January 13, 2018

12 Zodiac Will Start A Family In The Next Year, And 12 Who Should Wait

One of many dreams most people have in this world, and in this life, is to find a special person to fall in love with, get married, and have a beautiful family to raise while you grow old together. Yes, there are some people that would prefer to travel the world with their significant other and never bear (or adopt) any children, but most of the world find themselves buying a house and settling down by the age of 30.

Of course, who you are — specifically your zodiac sign — is a major part of who you marry and how you raise those future children! We know Pisces, in particular, are sensitive and emotional, so they will most likely raise a family that is similar to that. On the other hand, a Leo will raise a child that is fierce and bold, a child that will grow to be strong and brave.

Below, we outline twelve zodiac combinations (hopefully yours is here!) that will start a family within the next year. On the other hand, we highlight twelve zodiac combinations that will have to wait longer to start that special family and achieve that dream goal that so many of us have.

24Starting A Family: Capricorn & Libra Are At An Obvious Next-Step Point

Capricorns are naturally very routine and love to have a plan for anything, even having a child. They are very practical and do not get lost in their dreams, ideas, or thoughts hardly ever.

When it comes to starting a family, the Capricorn people are always ready when it makes the most rational sense.

On the other hand, their partner, a Libra, is a nice opposite for them. Libras are easygoing and friendly, making them always ready to turn that maternal side on when they are ready. For these two, starting a family is the obvious next step!

23Will Have To Wait: Pisces & Cancer Need To Handle Their Issues First

Pisces and Cancers are so incredibly similar that bringing a child into the world in the next year is going to be possibly too large of a feat. A Pisces is naturally emotional and sensitive; really any little thing could upset them even if the same thing on another day didn’t. They have a lot to learn about life before they are ready to bring on a family.

On the other hand, a Cancer is so similar to a Pisces (emotional, sensitive, and even hot-headed at times) that the environment isn’t the best for a family just yet. These two have to sort out their internal issues before starting a family.

22Starting A Family: Scorpio & Gemini Are Passionate And Prepared

Both Scorpios and Geminis are incredibly passionate, even if in different ways. Scorpios are naturally emotional, similar to their water sign counterparts, Pisces, and Cancers. They feel everything fully and fight for what they believe in, what they feel, and what they need.

This makes them great parents, regardless of if they aren’t always emotionally mature.

Geminis are passionate because they are confident, so they have a seemingly infinite amount of time to focus on external things because they are so right internally. This makes this pair super prepared and ready to take on babies in the next year!

21Will Have To Wait: Leo & Capricorn Are Just Not Quite There Yet

A Leo is fiery and fierce, always ready to grow to the next step. However, this does not apply when it comes to babies. This is because the Leo and Capricorn relationship isn’t ready for a family yet. The Leo certainly likes control and likes success, so they will want to focus on their career for a significantly long period of time.

Capricorns, on the other hand, are laid back, down to earth, and naturally follow instead of taking the lead. This means if the Leo isn’t ready than neither is the Capricorn. In the next year, they will focus on each other and be transitioning their relationship into a more serious place in order to be ready for kids.

20Starting A Family: Aries & Libra Are Two Peas In A Pod

An Aries and Libra relationship is ready for a family in the next year because they are so similar and ready to take on anything together. First, an Aries is independent and loves to succeed. They are abrasive and honest at times, however, the Libra appreciates this as long as it is in a kind way.

Libras are so similar to this.

They are honest when necessary and independent of many things in their lives. When it comes to their relationship, Libras can be dependent but that makes an Aries even more confident, so it works. These two are ready for the next step, which is starting a family!

19Will Have To Wait: Taurus & Scorpio Aren’t At The Same Place In Terms Of Commitment

The Taurus and Scorpio combination can be pretty toxic for a lot of reasons. First, the Taurus person can be stubborn, despite their independence, resilience, and hardworking disposition. The Scorpio can be lazy when emotions run high, despite their incredibly loving demeanor and complete dedication to their significant other.

In short, there is a lot that is different about these two, making it very easy for them to clash. It is best that they keep busy with their own activities outside of work, so they can learn to appreciate their time together and why they love each other. Either way, this is not a suitable relationship to start a family in just yet.

18Starting A Family: Aquarius & Aquarius Are Loyal And Devoted Lovers, Ready For The Next Step

Two of the same zodiac signs in a relationship is rarely a good thing, save for just a few. However, when it comes to two Aquarius people being together, that is a combination that we want to keep around!

Aquarius people are naturally reserved and introverted.

This means that they connect well on a deeper and soulful level that is atypical for many other zodiac signs. Further, the Aquarius people are one of the most loyal, so they will be dedicated to each other completely despite their differences and their tendency to want some alone time. This makes them ready for the next step: starting a family!

17Will Have To Wait: Sagittarius & Leo Let Too Much Selfishness And Fun Get In The Way

The Sagittarius and Leo combination is a ton of fun. Yes, we know you can still be fun and have children, however, for these two, it is not going to happen within a year. The Sagittarius person is very thoughtful and dedicated to one person most of the time, but they are the life of the party and very focused on the nearest happy hour usually.

A Leo person is selfish, always wanting control of their lives and needing certain things as a next step. The selfishness isn’t always negative, but these two are too focused on themselves and their party group. They need to get this out of their system to be ready to start a family.

16Starting A Family: Capricorn & Virgo Love The Simple Things In Life

Capricorn and Virgo people are very similar in personality. They both enjoy the simple things in life, meaning good laughter, good friends, consistency, responsibility, and a great relationship. Capricorns like routine and stability, often never straying from their plans or taking risks. Similarly, Virgos like routine as well.

They rarely take risks and always make choices based off rationale instead of emotion.

Both are sensible and practical, never really making rash decisions. These two are ready to take the next step and start a family due to these responsible dispositions that they share together and will love becoming great parents!

15Will Have To Wait: Aquarius & Aries Are Not On The Same Page

Aquarius people as we know are loyal and dedicated, however, they are very introverted in their personality and their mannerisms. They wouldn’t be the life of the party; they often have a hard time really even being open in a social setting. Aries, on the other hand, tend to have a hard time, too, but for different reasons.

Aries is fiery with strong opinions and a harsh and honest look at the world. Together, the Aries and Aquarius people are just not on the same page, as they have different personalities and different goals. They will not start a family this year.

14Starting A Family: Pisces & Taurus Are Yin And Yang

The Pisces and Taurus couple is the perfect balance of opposites. In an initial relationship, there is some tension due to the Pisces’ overly emotional state and the Taurus’ rugged sense of honesty.

They will have some difficult times but need to learn to understand each other and not just argue about the silly things.

However, they share a lot of similar traits, like their need for responsibility, their sensitivity, and their ability to listen to others in a time of need. This pair is absolutely ready to have a child, especially if their relationship has had times for ups and downs!

13Will Have To Wait: Leo & Leo Have The Strengths Of Control And Focus

As we’ve discussed already, a Leo likes to be in control. They are good at it, of course, but sometimes this need to be a puppet master clouds their judgment, especially in their relationships.

Each Leo wants to be the life of the party and the one in charge. If one makes plans that the other does not like, they tend to clash. If one cancels plans, the other will usually grow angry and a fight will ensue. It is best for this pairing to really get some help in communicating in some way, but they definitely are not prepared to start a family any time soon.

12Starting A Family: Virgo & Pisces Show That Emotion And Rationale Can Be Balanced

Virgo people are naturally very responsible when it comes to all facets of life. They like their jobs usually, tend to be good at them, and tend to take little vacation time. They usually like to work out, like to stick to their same breakfast every morning, and tend to take a long time to settle down because of this strict type of schedule.

A Pisces is the opposite.

They may like a schedule and routine, but the strictness is not the same as their emotions control what they do and how they do it often times. However, this balance of emotion and rationale make a good pair, so they are definitely ready to take the next step in their relationship which is start a family!

11Will Have To Wait: Pisces & Pisces Are Still Figuring Each Other Out

Emotional Pisces are hard to read in the sense that they have a lot of layers (yes, just like an onion). Their emotion is so deep and convoluted that they often have different sides of themselves to show each other and it takes a while over time to really show all of it.

Initially, there may be some fights as they both take everything so seriously and can be so sensitive. As time goes by, they will find a common ground, however, this year for Pisces there is a lot going on, so it still isn’t time for babies just yet.

10Starting A Family: Gemini & Libra Are Opposites That Make Sense

Geminis are naturally charismatic and really love a good party. The social scene is their scene. They don’t tend to be insecure. They do not like drama or making people feel bad or uncomfortable.

They are the best friend that is easygoing and likes to laugh and converse.

Libras are similar in that they are super friendly, love being social and enjoy learning about others. They have a dark side, however, and unlike the Gemini people, it tends to come out when you least expect. Despite this, this pairing is ready to dive into parenthood, as they are so similar and have shared views.

9Will Have To Wait: Libra & Aquarius Just Don’t Jive

Libras, as we know, love being friendly and social. However, on the flip side of that, if they feel offended by something or someone, it will be very easy for them to turn and attack. This could be in a verbal way, but they usually know exactly what to say to hurt others if they feel wronged.

Aquarius people are way too sensitive for this. They will retract into their shell if this happens. They are also introverted, so they do not like being with a crowd of people like a Libra does. Virtually every quality about these two is opposite and would not make sense, so it also doesn’t make sense for any of them to be ready for parenthood.

8Starting A Family: Cancer & Scorpio Allow Passions To Abound

Cancers and Scorpios are both water signs, so there is a lot they can agree on. They both open their hearts in an emotional and vulnerable way, which often makes them appreciate each other more.

And while they like to have fun, they are more introverted.

This means that, when they’re together, you’ll usually find them on the couch eating ice cream staying in and watching a movie. They like to go out and be social, but do not like to do it often. This also means that they would be wonderful parents and are very emotionally ready to start a family!

7Will Have To Wait: Taurus & Virgo Are Too Busy With Other Responsibilities

Taurus is a very responsible Type A personality, typically. They always get things done on time, and the right way. They are emotionally abrasive and very honest, too. In a relationship, Taurus people tend to say too much to rub someone the wrong way. Further, they can be negative at times, often bringing their significant other down.

A Virgo is usually positive, so this will make these two clash from time to time. However, the issue here is that they are both so responsible and take on so much for themselves, they simply do not have time just yet to start a family.

6Starting A Family: Sagittarius & Aquarius Are The Perfect Match

Sagittarius people are so fun! That is the first thing you’d usually say about them. An Aquarius, on the other hand, is someone that is more introverted and quiet. They do have a wild side, but it is not out nearly as much as the Sag’s is.

This means they are a pair of opposites that just worked.

The Aquarius person allows the Sagittarius to be free and wild, while still turning them down a couple notches. The Sagittarius will make an Aquarius stand out more– and therefore come out of his/her shell. It is the best of both worlds! That is why this combination is ready to start a family this year.

5Will Have To Wait: Cancer & Sagittarius Should Never Expect To Be Ready

Unfortunately, there are some zodiac combinations that simply will never be ready for a family. That is because their personalities are way too different. Cancer and Sagittarius is a perfect example. Cancer is naturally emotional and can be manipulative in a relationship, just wanting all their time soaked up by and with their significant other.

Sagittarius just wants to have fun and live a carefree life; they definitely do not want to be controlled by anyone. You can see how this combination may never work, but it definitely will not work quick enough to start a family this year.

4Starting A Family: Virgo & Virgo Are Calm, Cool, And Ready For Babies

This is another instance where two of the same sign really just fits. Virgos are naturally responsible, easygoing, predictable, and kind. They both love a good party with friends just as much as they love staying in and ordering pizza on a Saturday night, too.

When it comes to having a family, the Virgo couple will always be ready when they both feel it in their heart.

Further, they will not pressure each other to be ready because they are both so rational about it. That being said, this year is a perfect one to start a family as they both know in their hearts what is right.

3Will Have To Wait: Aries & Scorpio Cannot Get Their Stuff Together

An Aries, as we’ve said, is fiery and fierce, always letting people know what they think and not caring about consequence or emotion at times. A Scorpio is nothing like this, however. Scorpios are ultimately sensitive and emotional — and can let the little things get to them.

These types of passion are impressive in their own ways, however, they are too different to make a family work. An Aries’ passion is abrasive and unsettling, while a Scorpio’s passion can be emotional and romantic. Further, when a Scorpio does decide to get mad, you’ll see that come out in a big way, too. These two are just too different.

2Starting A Family: Aquarius & Gemini Have No Issues

Aquarius people as we’ve said are so loyal, calm, and reserved. They are never too obnoxious or too annoying. They are great to be around often times. Similarly, a Gemini is easygoing and loves to just have fun with whoever they are with.

Social life is big for a Gemini, so these two may have issues in that regard if an Aquarius is ever feeling off or down.

Other than that, these two have no issues and are completely ready to dive into parenthood thanks to their similar calm dispositions, their ability to be responsible, and how much they love to have fun!

1Will Have To Wait: Aquarius & Scorpio Have A Lot To Figure Out

An Aquarius and a Scorpio are not too good of a mix. But like anyone, they can, and do have the ability to, work on and better their relationship. A Scorpio is so abrasive emotionally at times that it can overwhelm the reserved Aquarius. This is why communication is key.

When an Aquarius is feeling off, they must reiterate that and assure the Scorpio that they are not to blame. The Scorpio, in turn, has to be patient and understanding of the Aquarius’ confusing emotions. These two may be ready one day to start a family, but it will not be this year.

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